E.Rakovoy: For though what index should be handled carefully

Expert Global Bank Svetlana Bagudinava explains why the bank gave the highest ratings are Belarus.
Bagudinava: "This year, as in the past, the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ahead of other regions in terms of reform. We also look fascinating phenomenon — the reforms are directed to the East. This year, four new countries in the region — this is Albania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus were among the favorites for reform.
Belarus this year was one of the most active reformers this year. I should like to note reform in developing new companies — a "single window" for the registration of companies, which this year runs even better than in the past. Registration also supplies was one of the outstanding reforms. Belarus is currently in the midst of the first 20 states with more effects registration of property rights. Just three years backwards in Belarus had 200 days to pass right accessories on the property from one another office. At the moment, this figure had dropped to 10 times. "
N.Redman: This is a positive signal to investors
Nicholas Redman, economic expert of the British weekly «The Economist», said to us that the yearly report of the Global Bank «Doing Business 2009" about the extent of reforms in the legal sphere of business, despite its limitations, plays a positive role in the business world:
Redman: "Global Bank quite frankly admits limitations own report because I do not think anyone will really invest in a country only on the basis of its highest ranking in this report. But it’s a necessary thing, and most of the States treats its own rating seriously, as it is a positive signal that the latest measure may encourage potential investors to get accustomed to this country. "
Reporter: By Redman, investors are interested first in the overall health of the business environment in the country, and hence, not only in what the laws are about business in the country, and how they are used by the judicial system. More necessary, he said, are also the overall financial stability and inflation and corruption. And in the end, the market volume:
Redman: "Some small countries, such as Azerbaijan and Georgia, which were on top of the latest rankings, are the least suitable position than, for example, or even the birthplace of Our Ukraine and Turkey. Markets in their much smaller, and the ability to implement a soap or other product there is certainly much more limited. "
E.Rakovoy: For though what index should be handled carefully
Judge Institute of Management and Privatization Lena Rakov also believes that it is not only real success in Belarus, and in the method of calculating the index. According to the report of the Global Bank of Belarus has become not only a favorite reform criteria of entrepreneurship, but ahead of, say, both Ukraine and Russia, and in absolute terms. Does this mean that Belarus becomes, so to speak, a new Singapore?
Rakov: "Just in Ukraine and in Russia too, not all sweet, snow-white and shaggy. On the other hand indexes have their own specifics. There formal method by which they are considered. And according to the method turns out that we have better. There is another organization Transparency international, to that corruption in Russia is significantly smaller than in Belarus. Personally, I do not believe it.
For though what the index should be treated with caution and look at it more dynamic. Well and impartially something at us and better — check supplies, labor legislation. But in fact, this index showed that last year there was a lot made, showed the movement. "
Reporter: Indices — something really controversial. But there is such an impartial figure, as movement of capital. Where capital flees — to Belarus or Belarus?
Rakov: "If you associate foreign direct investment, then we are — 200-300 million dollars, and in Russia in the past year was 80 billion dollars. Though Our homeland and more, but still not commensurate investment flows. Characteristics reports — is fine, but when making investment decisions has many features, many indexes can not be taken into account. law and its application as crawl. Belarus formally maybe something better than in Russia, but in practice it may be the opposite. According volumes lure capital and we lose Ukraine and the Russian Federation. "
Reporter: Excluding investments still there is such a common thing as a translation business in other countries. We’ve all heard a lot about how one or another entrepreneur moved his business in Russia or Ukraine. As this massive process? Do the reverse?
Rakov: "Such statistics are available. But I admit that these companies are quite a few. And not even be translated, and revelation, for example, in Smolensk, Moscow or another company and doing business in the main through it. I know a lot of cases when people write the basic property of these enterprises in Russia. Indeed, seizures or accessories tremendous fines have more than there. perapadel Facilities In Russia goes to the level of large companies, and we do not stop and a small business. "

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