Easter in Belarus

Your photos: Easter in Belarus
Victoria Povkh, v.Verhalesse Kobrin district:
Nicholas Tsehan:
Pavljuk Miscavige, Gomel:
Easter Saturday in Grodno
About Kolozhi
More people now was about Svyatapakrovskay church
Before svyantsits testicular require priests to pray
Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Vyalikaden
Minsk Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Roch, which is Golden Hill.
Catholic activist Nikolai Bauman, who helps the priest in the parish of St. Roch, says that people in the church began to come more:
Do Orthodox Church St. Alexander Nevsky Military Cemetery people wason even more. They stood along the main alley, waiting for when the priest shall come and consecrate the food.
A.Nadson: "Easter — the act of renewal of all creation in God"
"Easter — when love overcomes everything, even death …". The survey on the streets of Minsk
Easter in Mogilev
Liturgy of the fire at the churchyard of St. Stanislaus Church.
Mogilev Greek Catholic chapel near the name of God Belynichi after Easter liturgy sanctify ezhu.I>

Easter sale merchandise at Mogilev kirmashy.I>
Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ Belarus

Consecration of Easter in the Orthodox Church
Entrance to the Cathedral
Consecration of Easter in the Orthodox Church
Easter consecrates Bishop Anthony Demyanko

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