Easter one at all

Extraordinary rite. Crowds of people around with candles waiting to go down to the chapel of the patriarch, then her door sealed. Patriarch has not included any accessories for the extraction of fire. After the prayer, he is now coming to the people with a torch, lit from the beneficial fire. Sound of bells, the torch light their candles Christians in special containers were transported by fire Worldwide.
Christians believe that the beneficial fire occurs on the third day after the death of Jesus for the sins of humanity vykuplennya, it means beginning of a new world, Christ’s salvation.
Safety during the ceremony provided hundreds of Israeli police officers who restrained mass. In This year participants of the ceremony was especially a lot due to the fact that Easter coincided Catholics and Orthodox, that happens once every four years.
And in Israel continue to celebrate Passover, a revered Jewish prazdnichek which symbolizes the liberation of the people from slavery in Egypt.

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