Edward Balanchuk: I believe in the Belarusian people


I know that our people sick, but I believe that this is temporary, it will pass, it’s not forever.
Disease entitled horror and indifference depart from our people. They will end up afraid to hang on the phone. Neighbors, friends, acquaintances, will be honest and open to each other. Nobody will stop in mid-sentence, pressing a finger to his lips.
I believe that those who sees the light posodeystvuyut others to find a way to come out of the captivity of darkness and heresy that enveloped many.
I believe that those who have temporarily lost faith in God, or desperate, and certainly went out and brought him back to it.
I am sure that without faith it is not real life.
I believe that the questions various "copyists and sociologists" people will give answers that will go from the unsullied heart.
I believe that everyone will do their job. Doctors — the best medicine to cure patients with modern equipment. Teachers will provide excellent knowledge of our children in their native language. Bureaucrats and officials will do their duties diligently. Judges, prosecutors, police officers will abide by law and public policy.
I believe the time will come when the first, second and third will not rig the elections, and the latter will not serve the executive branch and to deal with those who have a different outlook.
I believe that the elections will be transparent, open and democratic, and the specific role they will take all the registered political parties and public associations.
I believe in the Belarusian people.
Edward Balanchuk — businessman and personal public activist of Maladziechna
Do you believe that? What helps you to live? How and why did you come to your beliefs? Your values and principles may inspire others, now and in the future, in Belarus and abroad. Tell the what you believe you!
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