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"I know perfectly well the Christian ideology. There’s a lot of things and a lot of exciting and we share, the Communist Party, there are some differences. But I do not believe. Internally I do not believe, and therefore do not consider it necessary, as some politicians succumb to a fashion that Now there is, unfortunately. "
Sergei Kalyakin control of the Communist Party — about why he does not celebrate Easter.
"One powerful blow that was dealt to the East on the Belarusian economy, we have overcome during the first quarter."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — during the Easter Mass in the Cathedral Svyataduhavym.
"If farmers are working in rural areas for 300 thousand per month (this is the last place in the national economy) and no resistance appears, it gives rise to political statements that everything is fine and we will withstand at least some punch."
Konstantin Skuratovich columnist "Belarusians and Market" — the transfer of "Examination of Liberty."
"Belarus, if not imply special svinakompleksy and collective and state farms, far away to meet European health standards. I’m talking about the attitude, and transportation, and care about, about everything. This is more reminiscent svinskae attitude. But, as we see, bad attitude is found not only in our country, and even in the West. "
Vasily Leonov, former Minister of Agriculture — care of pigs.
"When they say that democracy — an expensive thing, I would have remembered another saying -" We are not rich enough to take a cheap stuff. "
Vitaly Tsigankov, columnist "Freedom" — the transfer of the "Prague accent."
"With the elimination of such faculty have a question: where it will be train next generation of Belarusian nomenclature? "
Khadika Constantine, the last graduate of international relations BSU — rumors on the Elimination of faculty.
"I was asked by the KGB, why you live? Then I asked the captain: and ye were on the front? .. Although, maybe I do something th threatened, they want to arrest me here already, but, you know , it’s all so tired that I did not already feared nothing. "
Lena Sradneva, last convict Nazi kontslyagerav — about their liberation.
"How not to be grateful. Nature bestows only happy death. And live my life — not a bed. Like all very simple, but it is said, and for all eternity. From eternity to cross into eternity. And on the road so much …"
Ales Adamovich, a writer — from the film in his 1997 novel «Vixi" (recording was made at the presentation of the book Adamovich "… The name of the star-Chernobyl" Palace of Arts).
"I think that this book supported somewhere or my father, or God, or even what power, since I always felt some support. "
"We share boundaries set, but all of us, God makes no such boundaries. Boundaries we set ourselves. Well, not God makes the border between countries and people. Maybe he was against this here?"
Natalia Adamovich, daughter Ales Adamovich, drafter book "… The name of the star — Chernobyl "- the transfer of" Freedom Night ".
"If we, the Belarusian deputies, at the request Landsbergis were sitting in his office in Vilnius in the Supreme Soviet and Russian tanks had expected, to be witnesses of probable events — this was one of them. And when troops invaded the Supreme Council in Minsk and beat us Belarusian MPs — is quite another. Why are there to be surprised? I’m not talking about our general support then their independence. Now they find out I have not. Yet it as statedsmiling, the old as the world. "
Zenon Pozniak, chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF — about beating members of the Supreme Council of 12 April 1995.
"The existence of such stores first in the interest of the country itself, when people leave here buyers currency. What we have in the state as excessive currencies? Especially at the moment, due to … Sorry, I’m nothing at all should read .. . "
Head 1st of stores owned by the company "Bella Trading" — about a draft presidential decree providing for the elimination of duty free shops duty free.
"A government that gives its citizens for adoption at the country’s borders — bankrupt."
Sergei Kastsyan, member of the House of Representatives — during a discussion in the House of configurations in the legislation on adoption.
"I believe that the free, always free painter must be in opposition to the government. "
Alexei Markachkin, painter — during an online conference on the website of "Freedom."
"This mode is still very effective in the management. Swap it people will not go the whole mass. Likelihood of rebellion more advanced, but the revolution will not be nationwide."
Ales Martinovic — from a letter to the "Freedom".
"This system does not provide for dialogue. It will collapse, as the dialogue begins."
Andrei Dynko, chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" — the transfer of "Examination of Liberty."
"Culture demonstrations remained with the 2005 revolution and the protests that led to it. Awareness, which can be change something street protests without violence, has taken roots. Unfortunately, at the moment it happens very often, so that the value of mass action is impaired. "
John Maklavd expert in Central Asian affairs, an employee of the English Institute of War and Peace — about today’s action in Kyrgyzstan.
"I would own Victor said that he is now and tomorrow will be even weaker than the current president. So what feeble support and promote? And if you read about a successor, the youngest will prepare a successor. Unique people. Maybe we can not wait, but wait for the other generations of Belarusians. My kids ate so my presidency — never, neither one nor the other. Maybe third will only be president. "
"I have always stated that we will not tolerate panukvannyav — if the European Union, through its own" inertia ", offers us a list of measures to advance him to write the Belarusian opposition."
"The nuclear power plant we construct because we have nowhere to go … We are in such a situation that only the fool will not build this station. Especially since With such dependence. Tomorrow we’ll sit with candles Lucin yes. "
"Whatever we may have been the case with us on defense responsibilities Union countries, our common homeland has not been removed. When, God forbid, there is a situation that we’re going to breathe for their land, but never through our tanks in the countryside to Moscow not to miss. "
"As a man, I can not imagine possible such a large state (Russia) to manage without feeling and seeing what happens at each point of the second part of the land. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — during a press conference for Belarusian newspapers editors.
"Very basically, that in Russia knew that the democratic forces of Belarus — is not anti-Russian forces."
"Very many are worried that if whiteRussian language is the only municipal, or it has consumed the Russian language in Belarus? I assured them that there will never destroy it heritage — to know the Russian language, but they should help us in the revival of the Belarusian ".
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council of the united democratic forces — during a speech on the radio station "Echo of Moscow to St. Petersburg."

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