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"While Belarus is not free, the European mainland the mainland can not be called democracy."
Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian Prime Minister
"The level of conservation population fell from 20% in late 1990 to 4% in 2006. The Japanese economic miracle of their first savings rate was 30%, is generally considered the level of 10%. Belarusians are not willing to take care of the funds they want at the moment and currently live better, take the car, apartment, etc. "
Leonid Zaika, managing research center "Strategy" — the transfer of the "Prague accent."
"Sire van der Linden said to me that the step (referring own visit to This year Minsk) it to This time deems necessary. And now, if the situation is repeated again, he would have done this step, despite the criticism of the opposition. But here’s the second step, the Parliamentary Assembly of the control will not do — until that time, until a corresponding move by the Belarusian authorities. He considers this harsh condition for it. "
Chairman of the Political Council of the united democratic forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich — negotiations with President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Rene van der Linden.
"Some believe that the criterion is not necessary to put — if only was the dialogue. And here we are equally fundamentally look at this moment. I told Davis about the attitude of sovereign democratic forces to the dialogue that we support it too. But we believe that dialogue is needed not for dialogue, and for the result. A result yet — democratization. He divides this look. If the government wants dialogue, is willing to cooperate with Europe, it could even make the moratorium on the political persecution of the same "Young Front", the same Klimov . This, I believe, fundamentally thing. "
Chairman of the Political Council of the united democratic forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich — negotiations with the Council of Europe chairman Terry Davis.
"At this point we were somewhere between Belarus and Zymbabve, and some believe that the police act on the streets of the capital were as stringent as the police act on the streets of Minsk."
Garry Kasparov, a favorite movement "Other Russia" — after breaking up a demonstration in Moscow on April 14.
"In fact it is the choice of every citizen — to go out or not. Why should I be afraid of them for?"
Boris Berezovsky, the Russian oligarch last emigrant in London, which calls for the overthrow of Putin’s power — in response to the question, "Freedom", beware if he thought against people who take to the streets, the authority to use force.
"Even the police, made out when I leave, says that we have the latest" alkanavty "less than 3 days of rest do not get. Why is it you just a half?"
Statkevich, Social Democratic politician, who is serving a sentence restriction of freedom — that was allowed only half a day or to visit ailing father.
"Prerequisite dialogue between Belarus and the European Union or other international organizations within the country is a dialogue — between the opposition and the authorities."
Herkel, chairman of the subcommittee on Belarus of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe — during the hearings on the Belarusian issue.
"It turns out that if the issues of democracy and human rights are carried out of the brackets, the dialogue between Belarus and the Council of Europe there is little, as they say at the moment, a day or agenda."
Valery Karbalevich, a columnist for Freedom — the transfer of "Examination of Liberty."
"I do not think that will begin to fund, means they all adore, and I do not think that will throw off. If you remove the dictatorship, if you remove the violence, then suddenly in free elections and the Belarusian people will vote for Kozulin and Milinkevich when people do not bully ? They will not go to such risk, they need here doll. And suddenly their doll will not pass the election, who will not free to organize elections, unless Lukashenko?’s and judge for yourself. They will keep Lukashenko, but keep it in the "black body, "so he would not let God did not become president of the Russian Federation and has not eaten a piece of excess."
Novodvorskaya, publicist, chairman of Russian party "Democratic Union" — during an online conference on the website of the "Freedom" in response to the question "Is it possible that the new Russian President will change things with" brotherly Belarus "and re-start financing Lukashenko’s regime? "
"I think that the more sudden for the Yankees had information that more than 80% of the ruling elite in Belarus does not wish any of» union with Russia and, according to the poll, would have voted against such on» unity, if a referendum was held the coming weeks. Whereas the midst of ordinary Belarusians do not wish it on» unity around 30%. "
Maksimyuk Yang, an analyst at Liberty — about SVAO speech at the Washington bureau of Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe.
"In Belarus, unfortunately, and supporters of democracy can not take to the streets a lot of their own fans, and supporters of the government even more so can not lead people. I mean 20-30 thousand people. "
Dmitriy Fedoruk, one of the favorites, "Young Front".
"From time to time there are public events, I mean Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, partly, if we take the" blue "range demonstrators just these mass demonstrations organized by the secret services more often. Their purpose — just not democratic will of the people, just opposite — as it paradoxically, it is a manifestation of weak those parties who are in a democracy where all people are equal before the law. "
Yury Belenky, deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF.
"Unfortunately the political favorites have the least idea of what you need do when a wider range of capabilities. "
Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ukrainian opposition favorite — see "Suppressing Russia" in the journal "Foreign Affairs".
"We categorically refused to speak in the presence of operators. They removed the representatives of municipal channels. Naydenko Emperor said that police camera should stay because later surveys can be used in court. To which we replied that no such materials once used to discredit all democratic forces because we categorically refuse to negotiate in the presence of a cameraman. They answered: if you do not want to, then it’s your prepyadstviya. "
Alexei Yanukevich, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front — the organizers of the talks "Chernobyl Way" with the city authorities.
"In Belarus, there is no need to develop European centers at universities disk imaging on human rights and democracy."
Alexander Radkov, Minister of Education (The initiative for the creation of such centers was Alexander Milinkevich)
"At the present moment the whole scheme that you have developed, not only does not work — it stops all probably not a bad thing in the adoption process."
Shatsko Alexander, member of the House of Representatives — when discussing amendments to legislation relating to foreign adoptions Belarusian kids.
"As for the ladies to me more touching meeting with parents of political prisoners. As ancestors, they probably do not want their kids perceive a role in political life. But once they are very proud of their babies."
Karen Stewart, salting the United States — in an interview with Freedom
"The center can not agree. Ambition in the center of a very perahlestvayuts. And in areas people are more mundane. They are always together. Those who are there, understand that there is no other."
Alexei Kavalets, chairman of Minsk city branch of the BPF Party — on the preparations for the Congress of Democratic Forces
"I decided to participate in the noble case of brainwashing and gave him a" Sovetskaya Belorussia. "That’s not counting the" Izvestia "," Komsomolskaya Pravda "," BelGazeta "," Belarusian market. "Unfortunately, we can not write the" Narodnaya Volya ","Nasha Niva"And" Free News ", since they are not included in the directory".
Tatyana Klimova, wife arrested politician Andrei Klimov — criteria for the spouse in the bullpen.
"Who will rescue one life, he will rescue the world."
The inscription on the medal, which the Israeli Memorial Institute for Holocaust and Heroism euro Jewry "Yad Vashem" once a year encourages "Righteous Among the Nations" — people who risked their lives to save Jews from the Nazi genocide.
"We have very many problems, and fortunately, they do not appear out of the wine of the 1st or the other, as padkidayutstsa us outside."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in dealing with Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.
"I has always been adversary Wojciech Jaruzelski, I overcame and satisfied its own victory. But I wish to allocate: Jaruzelski should not go into an agreement with "Solidarity", but did. We fought for a fair country and I do not want anyone involved in today’s Poland vendetta. "
Lech Walesa, the last President of Poland — the attempts to prosecute for the imposition of martial law in 1981, the then head of the country’s Wojciech Jaruzelski.

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