End quote: 21.04.2007-27.04.2007

"Who’s the smartest country? Well how could she answer to such a question? But they insist that said that he is the smartest. And she did not say."
Viktor Sadovsky, spouse Catherine Sadouskaya enslaved defenders — about issues that prison educators asked his wife.
"If it’s for the benefit of nature, the way spetsefichesky develops spiritual world."
Young Minsker — in answer to the question of "Freedom" on the attitude to Saturday.
"We are very concerned about the anti-American propaganda that is here on the municipal channels. We believe it is baseless and vile. This outrageous disinformation …. We will look at this closely. And I wish to remind you that the Yankees really undo memory."
David Kramer, deputy assistant secretary of state — about the latest anti-American subjects in municipal Belarusian TV channels.
"The Belarusian authorities have two options. Some of them can lead to improved relations between Belarus and the United States. He anticipates some steps — the release of all political prisoners. Stress — all. And termination cases against others, including" Junior front. "
Need to spend peacefully tomorrow share, regional mini-conventions and Congress itself democratic forces in Belarus without problems. If these steps are not will be made, I am afraid that our business will deteriorate.
According to the "Act on Democracy in Belarus", which was approved by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush, we still have steps that we can take. I hope that we do not must be to do this. But now — a step the Belarusian authorities. "
David Kramer, deputy assistant secretary of state — at a press conference after his own visit to Belarus.
"The world has forgotten exactly what he Kravchuk and Shushkevich dissolved the Russian Alliance. Actually he, not Gorbachev. And that he did not, then all the processes that occur in the world then, would be stuck or went backwards. Very big reward Yeltsin Volume, now we have a free world, the era of the mind, info and globalization. He is the peace of must be grateful. Because let’s bow our heads before the memory of Yeltsin. "
Lakh Walesa, the last President of Poland — of Boris Yeltsin.
"He came to give us the will and Putin came to take it away — because people are not this will come in handy."
Novodvorskaya, Russian politician and publicist — of Boris Yeltsin.
"At the moment it is too late to talk about it."
Inhabitant Incline age — in response to the question "Liberty" "How would you rate Boris Yeltsin as a person and a historical figure?"
"In the most severe case study with these states, we relaxed and Azerbaijan can take oil from Iran and Venezuela — and it will be about such a level as to the Russian Federation. And it does not blow in the back of. This is common, as Putin says market position. "
"No money — wood smoke. NOT firewood, the grass."
"I was thirteen years no one had brought any means, do not put on the table — and not bring and not bring. If it was already painted’d smeared on all the walls from West to East. If there is already Bush found my accounts — no way hitherto not found. If Bush is not found, it is unlikely that anyone will find, that they were even. "
"We will build a nuclear power plant. So called opposition has lagged behind that view people that already exists. We have already surrounded the plant. In Belarus will most a harmless version of NPP with the newest technologies. NPP — is a guarantee of the country’s energy. Repetition of the Chernobyl disaster will not. Who will build a nuclear plant? I would not want to depend on Russian nuclear power plant construction. This will be an open competition. Value will be given to cost and quality. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — with yearly message.
"Alexander G., terminology and assessments that have been adopted in the CIS, Belarus has the oligarchs, and the only. He concentrated in his own hands and holding political power under the control of the municipal budgets and shadow."
Anatoly Lebedko, leader of the United Party civilian — in the comments to today’s message Lukashenka.
"When people ask me:" Milinkevich you against or for the construction of nuclear power plants? "So I say," As a physicist know that the world is better technology. In the Land of the Rising Sun, France and other countries, nuclear power plants almost completely harmless … but in a country where there is no democracy, build nuclear power plants completely unrealistic. At such stations in dictatorial countries is always an opportunity to begin to create a weapon. "
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council of the united democratic forces, the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus.
"Negative. I think we need a modern technique to build it."
Inhabitant — in response to the question, "Freedom", "How do you feel about the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus?"
"One question with the investigator Andrew particularly struck me. Guodong investigator Andrew assured to forget about some of the new pages of the history of Belarus — namely the existence of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation and referendum."
Tatyana Klimova, wife arrested politician Andrei Klimov — to question her husband.
"We can not succumb to external pressure, if you feel that the truth is on your side. Paddasisya And if, it may be a disaster for the human and civilization. "
Edminas Bagdonas, salting Lithuania to Belarus — Lithuanian history lessons about the early 1990’s.
"Our homeland is open to at least what forms and models of integration. Ready to go here so far, as prepared for this our Belarusian friends."
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation — in the yearly message.
"I believe that — no. I studied, graduated college, married soon marry. Decent, good husband I will have it — a shrewd, always aware of me … We live, of course, will be in Gomel. But the future did not think . What to think ahead? If guessing ahead, it is never realized. "
Nastya Drabyshavskaya, from Gomel, who was born a day Chernobyl disaster — in answer to the question of Liberty "affect whether the Chernobyl tragedy on your personal destiny?"
"The authorities can not no arrests. Even in this day of mourning, April 26, she went to these aggressive, ugly steps. Authority was able to complete the action peacefully, beautifully, and ended it as usual."
Franak Vyachorka, one of the managing organization "BPF Youth" — about acts Interior Ministry special forces after the "Chernobyl Way".
"Later, we were thrown into the bus. For all this they dirty swearing obscenities. On the bus, they saw that the girl with us 10 years. Request starters who her ancestors, too, swore at her mate. Says: we’ll go to break with such events. The girl was apparently in shock. She could not answer her name, where she lives, who her ancestors … Because it landed somewhere in the streets of Orel. unclear how she orient — even more so in such a mental state. "
Kasia Galician activist "Young Front" — about the actions of Interior Ministry special forces after the "Chernobyl Way".
"They were from all sides. But when they started to beat him, then moved ahead and somehow on the side, pushed back in the yard. Women beaten very much. One lady was beaten to blood. There were girls in the main. Shrouded us in 16 people ring. Feeling beatings all over the body. They did not see kids that were either virgins. They thrashed feet — and as they could. was such a mess, riot police were not so small that it was impossible to make out. They knew, for sure, they have to put their names, and therefore did not constitute a protocol. "
Kasia Krasnov, youth activist — about acts Interior Ministry special forces after the "Chernobyl Way".
"For me it’s so sick, go to this area. This seems to go on exile. And there is nothing to show … I think it’s a defeat."
Alexander Milinkevich, chairman of the political council of the united democratic forces — the proposal authorities organizers "Chernobyl Way" lead him to Bangalore Square.
"They say that we will not go to the swamp station. Idea that Belarusians — people in the swamp, the idea of Russian chauvinists, who popularized two centuries. Swamp — is not worse than the mountains, apyavayutstsa. Without marshes all Europe suffocate. Necessary hurt this bad idea. "
Yuri Khadika, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front — the attitude to Bangalore Square as a place for mass rallies.
"He was aware that the enslaved people’s historical memory and history substitute army, air force and navy."
Misha Chernyavskii historian — during the presentation of the book "His expected Belarus four century. Mikola Ermolovich."
"And Lukashenko, Europe and, in fact, have nothing against maintaining status quo".
Igor Lyalkov, political scientist, chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society — in the program "Prague accent."
"In order to get into situations when Alexander G. may disappear from the airwaves for two weeks, everyone knew it must Milinkevich do with and how it is necessary to conduct a dialogue — it Lukashenko and determined its position specifically such makarom. "
Viktor Martinovich, columnist "Belgazety" — about humiliating reaction A. Lukashenko on February A.Milinkevich letter with a proposal for negotiations and cooperation.

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