End quote: 31.03.2007-06.04.2007

"How would the KGB read on the Web, that he live there freely and have ordered the prison administration to be transferred to the most languid job, and he was transferred."
Vyacheslav Dashkevich father prisoner youth activist Dmitri Dashkevich — criteria of content offspring.
"In order to do their job, you need to find an idea, which has not been previously. And it’s hard. That’s still — in search of such ideas."
Young Minsker — in answer to the question of "Freedom", "Would you like to start your own business?"
"We do not naproshvaemsya the Council of Europe, the Parliamentary Assembly. Always need to have your own face and honor. And we can not meekly obey everything that confronts us."
Vladimir Konoplev, chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus — the ability of recovery Belarus special guest status in the Council of Europe.
"The number of those who would wish Belarus became part of the Russian Federation in recent years has been halved."
Alexander Pines, independent expert, the last Minister of Labour of Belarus — in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom"
"If the presidential forces prevail, the future will be similar to Ukraine Russia after 1993. And so Ukraine can read about Europe, but not to get there. But if he lost the presidential forces, Ukrainian political system is a similar to the European, but this will not get Ukraine into the European Union, as the values that profess these forces will not be European. "
Vitaly Portnikov, a political analyst — on the likely outcome of the Ukrainian political crisis.
"In your porch there is a man who does not, no shame, no conscience."
Text leaflets vserasprostranennyh in Mogilev, in which names of people who are on trial April 2 testified against public activists Ustimchuk Anton and Evgeny Suvorov.
"I believe that the president had no other ability to solve political and economic crisis in our country. I am convinced that if the president is not adid itt step, we would have lost the independence of Ukraine. "
Yulia Tymoshenko, a favorite of the parliamentary opposition in Ukraine — the decision of President Viktor Yushchenko to dissolve parliament and call early elections.
"Its one of the initiation of proceedings does not officially informed. Vyznat He from the Web and then went to understand."
Tatyana Klimova, wife of the politician Andrei Klimov — about the arrest of her husband, who is accused of inciting subversion.
"The European Union is losing a chance to agree with us."
"If the EU is to say through the" iron curtain "and will keep us in the larynx, we make any debate will not go."
"The West is obsessed with any human rights. Most important human right — the right to life, work, wages, we these questions are solved. "
"Placing this group (U.S. missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic) is not oriented against Belarus, but against the Russian Federation."
"It seems that we may argue for gas and oil, like taking any each other for breast, and we Russians — single people, we can not joke on security issues. "
"We need to sit down and relaxed open a discussion whether we have in Belarus tactical nuclear weapons or not."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in an interview with reporters.
"I believe that the culture of at least some people of any country becomes for the people. ‘Cause talk about the competitiveness, sure, it’s hard, but, naturally, no matter what the cultural phenomenon that stands authenticity, originality, originality, can be fascinating for other countries . "
Stefan Eriksson, head of the Swedish Embassy in Belarus — to answer the question, "Radio Liberty" "What with the Belarusian culture, music, literature, you think more competitive for Europe?"
"Sit at home, look BT".
Valery Mackiewicz, youth activist — in response to questions from participants on-line conference on "Freedom" "What would you recommend to other young activists, not to get in jail?"
"Lukashenkovtsy believe that reality becomes only what goes on television screens."
Andrei Dynko, chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva"- In the transmission of the" Prague accent. "
"Today, I turned to the Federal Chancellor of Austria Alfred Guzenbavera to mediate in resolving the conflict situation in Ukraine. Avctryya known as neutral democratic government with the same legal tradition. "
Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s Prime Minister — at the press conference
"I believe that if find any animals that are similar in mentality Belarusians, for me these are symbolic creatures Belarusians beavers. Once I wrote two lines:" Wise men our beaver, apladnivsya, lived and died. "
Ales Antipenko, philosopher — in the program "Freedom Night"
"Now the Church in Belarus — a service run church rituals."
"Belarusians — not magical civilization. Their church and faith are not inside, not in the heart, and somewhere outside."
"Politically speaking, in the church and the government one electorate — Russian elderly."
Pavel Morozov, philosopher — in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom"
"The Belarusian authorities having genesis in the atheistic Russian past, organically alien church."
"If Orthodoxy was definitely pro-Russian, the authorities felt they would be much freer. But the problem is that Orthodoxy, as, incidentally, and other denominations, in its internal structure is very inhomogeneous. There is a powerful feature of the Transfiguration, the pro-European."
Peter Rudkovskii, Catholic philosopher, a monk of the Dominican Order — in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom"

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