Examination of Liberty: To Strip added Stalin Line Yeltsin

To "Strip Stalin" added "Line Yeltsin."
Tsigankov: "Today President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made a yearly message to the National Assembly. Before I ask our members about any conceptual conclusions came from the mouth of Alexander Lukashenko — let’s share the first purely mental experience. Alexander Lukashenko, I think, was a little like himself everyday, read without impromptu and almost cooked only read text. Lead, what would it explained to you? "
Podgolov "first. Motto" Prosperous Belarus "has been removed. Presented a new ideological slogan "Independent Belarus — our worthy and reliable home!" In 1996, I vehemently argued that it should be a brand new ideology. ’96 Pozniak wrote a letter to the BNF, the motto "Our House — Belarus! "It must be the motto of the year. And Lukashenko in 11 years, introduced this motto.
In-2, another newcomer ideological line up to "The Strip Stalin" added "Line Yeltsin." What does this mean? Bane Yeltsin Lukashenko gives reason to believe that an alliance with Russia in particular, that they had made, started to build, so should develop. But Putin (this Lukashenko at the moment did not say), when brought to market relations, market relations, began just destroy this alliance, because it is necessary "line Yeltsin" continue. "
Tsigankov: "Yes" line Yeltsin "exclusively in this narrow sense, in union with Belarus. Certainly, not freedom of speech and freedom of the press."
Podgolov: "Obviously" you pay us, and we will state that we are the same Russian, only rated properties, etc. . "
Tsigankov "Vitaly that you first touched in the current statement of beliefs based on Lukashenko external memories?"
Lukashenko is trying to respond to new challenges in the framework of the Lukashenka stagnation
Silitski "the first thing I saw — almost nothing was said about the internal opponents, opposition, etc.. Lukashenko was very restrained, read that-that the West is pushing with their standards, but very little.
Lukashenko spoke on the one hand, as a man who admitted that at the moment the state faces great challenges, but at the same time it Lukashenko has led to memories of deja vu, because some solutions to these problems, the challenges, have not changed . "Privatize will not, improve discipline, drop it" — a set of very standard.
Lukashenko is trying to respond to these new challenges all the same in the framework of the Lukashenka stagnation that began to take shape from the beginning of this millennium, but with this paradigm stability nyazmennastsi etc. . "
Tsigankov "About stability Alexander Lukashenko re-read this in his speech. Coupled with that, he said, that the situation asks the newcomer making certain adjustments. Did you see any real intelligence as adjustments to current policies in his speech, or any configurations not were invited? ".
Podgolov: "I believe that the message was purely mental, for its own rating. He introduced a standard set of mental images: the owner of the house, the prosecutor, the referee, the lord and very sincere person. And this, in his view, intuitively, for sure consolidate his power, his rating. Indeed nothing to boast. For the first time, perhaps, razdrakoniv Lukashenko himself, knocked as that officer’s widow. Specifically, acknowledged that the energy intensity of production is three times higher than in the West, acknowledged that there is a complete corruption showed that the government of the nomenklatura privatization trends, grabbing. And he can not finish these discussions, it can not have dominion over these ideas.
In fact, Lukashenko was very scared and confused, and handed it is not obvious, a completely new enemy — the economy and corruption, which he did not obey, and his authoritarian ways he does with them is not able to do. "
Tsigankov: "Indeed, for the first time in the course of such tremendous speeches, messages such tremendous Alexander Lukashenko, not in the text, not looking up from the text offhand not read any of the opposition, nor about fierce, dangerous West. Vitaly how comfortable or uncomfortable the president today without these usual enemies? And why he does not remember? "
Silitski "Recognizing their calls, it does not offer new solutions. But I do not agree that he it mattersis the first time. For the first time recognizes corruption. Well, excuse me, please, all of Lukashenka’s policy has been built on the fight against corruption. This is the introduction of an old repertoire to respond to new challenges. At the same time, Lukashenko pointed out that while he may give advice to these neuvvyazkami on some level, it is suitable. Disadvantages of this system is part of its stability. "
The economy must be economical?
Tsigankov: "You state that offered no new approaches. Well, that’s a lot of Lukashenko read about the economy, about discipline … Maybe this is what will bring Belarus?"
Silitski: "And this is not even Lukashenko repertoire. Well, listen, we were all Russian people. Well, we do not remember," the economy must be economical "?"
Podgolov: "By the way, I will continue your idea. Fact, that is a luxury box to continue domination Lukashenko in Belarus. And he determined the date: 2020. That’s up this year he must catch up with the West on an energy basis. "
Silitski "catch up and overtake …"
Podgolov: "No, he said, while just to catch up. Yet tripled in them anymore, but in 2020 we have to approach the West. Because the field of activity it has caused for themselves. Lukashenko gave clearly realize that no political reform, democratization will not be any. No economic reforms will not, the power will be strengthened and enhanced. And the only new thing that he said that Russia no longer strangers. Earlier Russian Belarusians were marked properties, and at the moment are no longer strangers. Venesuela And not an alien. "
Tsigankov: "In one series of staged".
Podgolov: "Yes, yes. It was very curious."
Silitski: "Here I agree that Lukashenko shows its inviolability. But showing his immutability, he said that will be held before the end of particularly since no new razvyazak for this situation, he does not. And he focused only on their old classic ways — mobilization economy, full control, including presidential, — and sometimes the campaign to overcome some shortcomings. "

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