Executive Committee Grodno TB days to arrange the halls of Royal dark coffee with dancing

"Glos Prawdy" in 1927 reported: "The Executive Committee" TB days "in Grodno GM holds 19 rooms in the hotel" Royal "dark coffee with dancing. This first post on bolshennomu dance fun wider community gives good reason to cooperate pleasant diversion from civilian way that is to support TB society. think that this is not fun to miss the one who disturbs this severe case. Starts at 8:00. forever. Suit gives the right to enter. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 prints of mandatory decision of the Presidium of the City Council: "5. Before May 1, renovate and paint boxes, and where they are not, set in each household and the shop set gorkomhoza standard prohibiting citizens to throw cigarette butts on the sidewalk littered with garbage and etc. Ninth Deny pasting posters, posters and all kinds of advertisements on the walls of buildings, fences, gates and pillars as the central streets and on the outskirts of … "
"Reddish change" in 1977 introduces the CPSU Central Committee appeals to May 1: "fraternal greetings to the peoples of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Islands greenish who lead a courageous struggle for the consolidation of national independence and social progress! Fraternal greetings and suffering in jail fascist dungeons courageous fighters for the freedom of peoples, democracy and socialism! Long live the Soviets — the organs of democracy presentable! Suppose there is a growing role of the workers, farmers, intellectuals in government! "

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