F-35 discovered the Chinese MAGNETS

F-35 discovered the Chinese MAGNETS
In 2012 and 2013 the Pentagon allowed the introduction of Chinese component in the program production fighter fifth generation F-35 cost 392 billion U.S. dollars, while the South American bureaucrats have expressed concern about China’s industrial espionage and military buildup of the state, Reuters reports January 3.

According to Pentagon documents, caught to the agency’s head of defense procurement U.S. Department of Defense Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall) allowed two companies which supply programs from F-35 — Northrop Grumman Corp and Honeywell International Inc, use magnets Chinese-made components for the production of radar, chassis and other components of the aircraft structure. Without these two companies would be called to account for violation of federal law and, as a consequence, the program would be faced with another delay.

«It was a very harsh and unusual situation, since there is a ban on the introduction of the Chinese defense products. I never beheld that the ban would be canceled, «said the last employee of the Pentagon’s weapons procurement, now a teacher of the South American Institute Kenlon Frank (Frank Kenlon).

The report of the Government Accountability Office (Government Accountability Office) United States March 1, said that there is concern about the use of special metals South American companies in foreign production systems tools. In this case, the creation of weapons could fall into the dependence of the components manufactured in the country — potential U.S. adversaries.

Resolution on the implementation of cheap foreign magnets has been given to the production of the first 115 experienced, training and production aircraft, the F-35, the latter of which should be released in May 2014. Lawmakers noted that several American companies create these magnets.

Kendall explained this decision by saying that it was intended to maintain the schedule of production of aircraft, to prevent the expenditure of millions of dollars on their replacement magnets South American production and, ultimately, achieve adopting fighter F-35B (pictured) adopted the U.S. Marine Corps in the midst of 2015, as planned. According to the documents, the replacement magnets South American Chinese products would require additional costs in the amount of 10.8 million dollars and works in an amount of 25 thousand man-hours. Kendall also said that while the Pentagon was concerned that the planned increase of the costs of the F-35 program from may deter some foreign orders, which is needed to reduce the cost of the future price of the aircraft.

The Pentagon for the first time disclosed the information about non-US magnets spring of 2013, when it was sent another written appeal to Congress. But this point is not a lot of people saw. In a statement, were not named company specializing creating magnets, also has been reported that among them there are companies from China. Representatives of Northrop, Honeywell and Lockheed shall be removed from comments advising contact the Pentagon.

A representative of the united applets F-35 Della Vedova Pentagon Joe (Joe Della Vedova) said that the agency is committed to ensuring that federal legislation on arms purchases strictly observed. «There was never any risk of technology transfer or other breach of security in the state associated with the creation of (F-35). Management works with industry to put in place long-term solutions that posodeystvuyut avoid the need for such an exception, «he said.

In his speech Kendall said he would «very seriously» see to it that the company «Lockheed» did not allow the introduction of more foreign magnets in the production of F-35 and made arrangements for the purchase of these components from American companies. Previous Pentagon official, now the South American Enterprise Institute analyst Bill Greenwalt (Bill Greenwalt) stated that the use of non-US magnets risk to public safety was low because these components are not part of the software avionics F-35. Yet, he added that «this is an area that needs caution to avoid the risk of potential hacking and hacking.»

Special Metals

Since 1973, the South American legislators forbade the purchase of special metals outside the U.S. for use in U.S. military equipment and weapons. In 2006, this law has been proven yet another piece of legislation.

Documents trapped in agency Reuters, indicate that in August 2012, the company Northrop for the first time found a magnet of Japanese descent on the radar with active phased array antenna, which is engaged in the creation of what the company notified the main contractor Lockheed Martin, and then the Pentagon.

Check was initiated, during which revealed two more variants — the introduction of non-US special metals on-board radar, and flap wings and landing gear, manufactured by Honeywell. In the radar «Northrop» were also found Chinese-made magnets (one piece is worth 2 dollars), made by a company in Chengdu (Chengdu Magnetic Material Science & Technology Co). These magnets were purchased by an American company Dexter Magnetic Technologies Inc (Illinois,) for the next delivery Honeywell. And «Dexter» and «Chengdu» did not immediately respond to requests for comment on these facts.

Did not know or specifically?

In June, the Committee on Armed Services of the Congress made a request to the Department of defense procurement on the Pentagon, did the South American companies that use in its own products for the F-35 foreign magnets, and whether these companies are subject to penalties. The investigation continues.

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