Fecal occult blood

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Fecal occult blood test — to identify "hidden" blood, invisible under microscopic examination.

What does the fecal occult blood?

The presence of any bleeding from the digestive tract.

What are the indications for analysis?

Suspicion of bleeding from any gastrointestinal tract.

How to prepare for the study?

7-10 days prior to delivery drugs cancel analysis (all laxative preparations bismuth, iron). It is impossible to do on the eve of an enema. After the X-ray examination of the stomach and intestines analysis of feces appointed no earlier than two days.

What is necessary to stick to a diet?

Prior to the analysis of three days to exclude meat from the diet, the liver, and all foods containing iron (apples, bell peppers, spinach, white beans, green onions).

How to collect feces for research?

Cal is going after self-defecation in a disposable plastic container with a tight lid. Avoid impurities in feces urine

Can I store a stool sample?

Container with feces to be delivered to the laboratory collection day material to sending stored in a refrigerator (4-6 C0).

How many days to prepare for the analysis?  

6 working days.

What are the normal values of fecal occult blood?

Stool occult blood test: negative.

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