Fecal (scraping) to enterobiasis

Analysis Kal (scraping) to enterobiasis — detection of pinworm eggs (helminths, clinical manifestations of which are itching of the anus and intestinal disorders).

As shown by the analysis of feces?

Investigation of fecal enterobiasis reveals the presence or absence of pinworm eggs.

What are the indications for analysis?

  1. Suspicion of being infected with pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis);
  2. "Barrier" analysis (at admission, registration of medical books, references to the pool, etc.)

How to gather material for the study?

In the morning until the toilet stool and holding the genitals with a cotton swab dipped in glycerin to scrape the surface of folds around the anus. Stick placed in a plastic test tube and tightly close the lid.

Is it possible to store the material for analysis?

Prior to shipping to the lab material should be stored in refrigerator at 4 — 80C. The material must be delivered to the laboratory on the day of the capture analysis.

How many days to prepare for the analysis?  

1 business day.

What are the normal values for research enterobiasis?

Normally, the pinworm eggs in the feces (scraping) do not show.

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