Festival was held in Minsk Fife Festival

Pearl festival dubbed speech Yutaka Bana — Japanese living in Bulgaria, and Bulgarian type plays bagpipes. At the festival, except Belarus were presented as Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Galician, German and Scottish bagpipes.
Says organizer and host of the event — Dmitry Sosnowski, a favorite of the "Stary Olsa".
"At our festival, we would want to sound very different bagpipes, and showed that the Belarusian bagpipe tradition developed in the midst of instruments of the same kind of tools across Europe. Reconstruction in a classical manner Belarusian face very very are two apprentices Todor Kashkurevich Denis Dry Pankevich and Yuri. "
Modern Belarusian bagpipers can be divided into two categories. First — those who are engaged in reconstruction of the authentic sound of bagpipes, and those musicians who use sound as an element of bagpipe music design their own songs. Fifteen years ago in Belarus was one several bagpipers, which was reduced almost lost tradition of serious games and the ancient instrument: for example, Ales Elk and Todor Kashkurevich. At the moment, there was a whole movement of Fife.
Backstage large dressing room, preparing for the performance artists, many young people, I turn to one of the participants. Alexei Boreisha, young group "Yavaryna":
"About 5 years back the I did not know that bagpipes — Belarusian tool. When I was at the Institute of Culture, met with a bagpipe. I appreciated in Belarus very great interest in this instrument. "
Some of the audience share their impressions from the event:
"This music is uplifting. If playing ancient music, Belarusian or pan-European, always leave with a smile, very happy."
"Very badof that we have it, it will must. We need to know our culture and language. "
Dmitry Sosnowski summed up the results of the festival:
"I’m very critical to all of our success, I see more bugs. But we can say, that there was a tradition of the yearly festivals of the bagpipes, and the return of the instrument state out. "
The festival concluded with a yield of all the musicians playing on the Belarusian bagpipes, fulfilled enough of "Play me, dudarochku" that became the anthem of "Fife festival."

Japanese bagpiper playing Yutka Ban.

Capello stands Wielkopolski pipers.

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