Fighter development program KFX / IFX will be implemented

Fighter development program KFX / IFX will be implemented
Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro Indonesia (Purnomo Yusgiantoro) expressed confidence in the implementation of joint development with South Korea fighter on programmke KFX / IFX («Korean» / Indonesian «) reports January 8.
«I can tell a good news that the development of the fighter will continue. Development was delayed a couple of times, but then the South Korean parliament passed a decision to approve the project and take appropriate measures, «said Yusgiantoro. The agreement was signed in 2011, currently being carried out, «the first phase of technology development.» Indonesia to South Korea sent 37 engineers for roles in the project. «We ran across to the subsequent step — building prototypes and KFX IFX», he said.
South Korea has allocated for the project $ 20 million U.S., Indonesia 5 million in 2015, due to start production step, in the same year, will begin to work intensively Design Center in Bandung (Indonesia).
Fighter 4.5 refers to the generation and their combat abilities will be equivalent to the South American F-18, in other words will be more massive combat aircraft than the F-16 fighter and «dry», the armament of the Indonesian Air Force.

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