Finland: part of Russia or a member of NATO?

Finland: part of Russia or a member of NATO?
In the past year, the Finnish public debate led that Finland would be good to join the Russian Federation on the rights, such as those in Hong Kong is China. Entry would be profitable as the north-western region of — untapped market for the Finns. Well, somewhere in Finland started to take rubles. Finns also decided en masse to teach the Russian language — starting right from schools. But now, after the «Crimean crisis» changed attitude to the Russian Federation. Shall be heard no voices in Helsinki lively public and jurist Hannah Krogerusa, hatched the idea to combine 2-States. Distributed completely different voices — from the government. In Helsinki once again thinking about joining NATO. Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said in an interview with German newspaper «Der Tagesspiegel», that his country does not take a neutral stance on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. That’s how politics can poke a stick in the wheel of the economy.

In Finnish schools intensively studying Swedish. But in January 2013 the inhabitants of the province of Eastern Finland have decided that it is time to learn Russian. Finns busy trade with Russian, occasionally drink Russian vodka with Russian tourists they say, well, do go on tour. Did they say in St. Petersburg in Swedish? Besides the buffet is about to expire: «Swedes» and «Norwegians» in 2021 will speak Arabic. Analysts think so.

In general, Sauli Niinistö president last year talked to him that «it is not necessary to oppose the Swedish and Russian. In our interest to offer a maximum capacity of youth for success. «

And yet, according to Finnish edition «Iltalehti», according to the survey, about 90% of the population in Eastern Finland is in favor of substitution Swedish school lessons on Russian language lessons.

In March of the same in 2013, as reported to the Information Portal of the Russian community in Latvia citing the press service of Johan Beckman, the desire to build their homeland within the Russian Federation said Hannah Krogerus — Finnish influential public figure, a lawyer and a lawyer.

The influential Finnish journal «Suomen Kuvalehti» Comrade Krogerus painted their economic and political idea in detail: «Of course, Hong Kong, Finland should be composed of. Specifically, international economic society from Asia to America asks that. In Finland, there is still a chance to take the same position in Russia, which occupies Hong Kong in China. » He led such an argument: «For us, the entire north-western region of Russia is already the home market.» The only problem — the young politicians-russophobes. That they wish to isolate Finland from the Russian Federation, said the lawyer.

In this worldview regarding the fate of the motherland Hannah Krogerus not alone. Earlier Juho Eerola, the Finnish parliament deputy from the party «True Finns», offered to make between Finland and Russian strategic military alliance. By Comrade Eeroly views, this is the only method to ensure the safety and welfare of Finland. And his party colleagues Gemma Koskiniemi went further: he claimed to include Finland in the back of.

Focus on the views of «True Finns» autonomous Finland in the «Russian Empire» — the only method to fight against the EU, NATO, the Swedes also brutal.

And here’s another fact in favor of the Finnish Russian, too, from 2013.

According nedavneshnim polls, the majority of Finns oppose joining NATO. According to the research center «Taloustutkimus», which interviewed people in the summer of last year, only 29% percent support the country’s accession to the Union. This writes «RBC». Enemies of accession of Finland to NATO, there are already 52%. As the head of research «Taloustutkimus» Juho Rahkonen, most Finns believed that Finland should make her own decisions — no matter what they do adjoining country.

But in March 2014, after the famous referendum in the Crimea, the word took the Finnish government. As it turned out, his outlook is not just does not coincide with the views of the progressive part of the Finnish people, but even diametrically him back. It turned out that the independence of political decision-Finnish people — how annoying it may sound — can only dream.

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said in an interview with the Berlin newspaper «Der Tagesspiegel», that country is not a neutral party of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This statement was a typical response «third party» to the proposal of the former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, addressed to Ukraine.

Mr. Kissinger suggested Kiev stick policy «Finlandizing», ie, to maintain neutrality. Finnish Prime Minister said that he deeply respects Kissinger, but do not agree with all the terms. Disagree same as the last South American State Secretary sees Finland cool times of war. Jyrki Katainen GK reminded that Finland nearly two decades — a member of the EU. He added: «We no longer occupy a neutral position, though not enter in any military alliance.» And then the emperor Katainen said German newspaper that Finland considers all the time to join NATO. Decision to join the union is not depending on the desire of the country to keep good relationship with Russia.

Here is a sharp and nasty for Moscow statement. Or it was a response to unambiguous statement Kissinger partly smacks of good advice «employed» a player in the political arena, or the whole of the West in the face of Barack Obama gave valuable guidance Helsinki — in other words, made some suggestions on which to abandon unrealistic. All this is covered with darkness lurking political.

As to the application of Kissinger, then it is not lonely.

Jack Matlock, Jr., who worked for the U.S. Ambassador to the USSR in 1987-1991 (in other words to the restructuring), on days are published in the magazine «Time» plan relevant actions of the West in Ukraine. Excerpts from this plan leads Petersburg portal

In 1-x, Western countries should abandon the harsh criticism and concentrate on how to stabilize the situation in Ukraine. In-2, the most sad about the loss of Ukraine Crimea is not necessary, on the contrary, it is necessary to strengthen the future rejoice: «Nothing makes a feeble civilization, if the territory whose inhabitants wish to become citizens of another country.» B-3, Matlock recommends Ukraine to provide Russian language is the same status as Ukrainian. Fourth, the last salting offers Ukraine to declare that the country does not join NATO or any other military alliance, which does not go RF. B-5-x, ex-ambassador cited the example of Finland, resigned to the territorial losses in 1939. The behavior of this country in the political arena last Russian diplomat characterized saying «Hush quarrelsome.» As to the U.S., they recommended Matlock «try not to play an active role and to facilitate negotiations and bring parties together.»

But of course, that the West does not heed the wise advice. How is it — Washington will play some role there second or even third plan? That after all, to the crowd? .. Whitewashed house accustomed to major roles!

As to the above-mentioned «cold war», then whatever the Finnish rulers had read, it never ended. Political, they are also economic strife in the world in general will never end — to think differently is not aware of any theory of evolution, nor the circumstances of existence of competition. Because application of the Finnish prime minister — not a rejection of war rhetoric cool, just the proof. And objection Kissinger looks the most realistic «non-self» behavior Finland — not to mention the fact that the Prime Minister’s statement is contrary to the wishes of the Finnish people. Naturally, this is still a big question — will take Finland to NATO or not. But what Katainen made a specific rejection of neutrality after the Crimean referendum is symptomatic …

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