First round of the presidential elections in France — no surprises

In the list was recorded a record number of voters: 44, 5 million people. Record was also their turnout, which was 85%, 15% more than 12 years ago. Inhabitants of overseas territories: Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana and Polynesia gave their votes on Saturday. Official results of the voting will be announced on Wednesday.
According to the results of the preparatory voting leads Nicolas Sarkozy — a favorite center-right Union for a People’s Movement. "1st round presidential elections is a victory for our democracy. Massively going to the polls, French people expressed their desire that no one else to decide for him "- Sarkozy said after the vote.
Nicolas Sarkozy, according to preliminary estimates received 30 percent of the vote.
The representative of the Socialist Party, Segolene Royal won 25 percent of the vote. She led her campaign, addressing the needs of ordinary people, promised to hold a referendum on limiting opportunities president in favor of the prime minister and parliamentary» EPA.
"I will be the president of France, which will guarantee a municipal, social model that preserves social security."
Third place with 18% scored Bayrou, who considers himself a moderate politician. Fourth came Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has the fifth time voters seduces his nationalistic vision. Le Pen received 11%.
Dominates the view that in the 2nd round overcome Sarkozy. But should direct attention to another. Very highest voter turnout French queues outside the polling stations due to a desire to rejuvenate the political scene, and a thirst for new thoughts configurations, although not enough people understand how they will look just as changing external and internal policy of the new government.

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