Fog China’s demand for bombers

Fog China's demand for bombers 

China’s demand for bombers remain unclear, as «reading the tea leaves in a muddy pond,» writes Defense News on January 31.
In the media there were unconfirmed reports that China and the birthplace of our work to make a contract for the acquisition of Beijing renovated distant strategic bombers Tu-22M3 bombers and Su-34.
Western analysts know that China is modernizing its distant H-6 bombers (a licensed version of the Tu-16). Planes get D-30KP turbofan production Russian NPO «Saturn» that will improve the combat radius of 3,500 km and carry cruise missiles for attacks on ground targets and anti-ship missiles.
Recognizable Western military analyst Richard Fisher (Richard Fisher) said that China has begun to equip upgraded H-6K bombers new supersonic anti-ship missiles YJ-12 with a range of 400 km, which can also be equipped with fighter-bombers JH-7. The expert also said that he does not believe reports from China that our motherland can realize the Tu-22M3. China more than 10 years ago, refused the offer to acquire the Tu-22M3, choosing to modernize the H-6.
China is also developing a low-profile version of the JH-7. Fisher said that there are reports of buying bombers Su-34, but, usually, these messages are not supported. But, Fisher said, «Our homeland if China is ready to supply class submarines» Amur «, Su-35 and S-400, it would be natural to add to this list and the Su-34.»
Su-34 index with a Chinese J-17 was first introduced in China in 1998 as part of an air show in Zhuhai.
Employee Capital Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Vasily Kashin said the deal on the Tu-22M3 is «unlikely» and that such rumors sporadically in the past 10 years. «The fact that the production line Tu-22M3 was closed about 20 years ago. Resuscitation band would likely, but claimed to billions of dollars for investment and vast research, «he said, and compared the scale of such works as if the U.S. suddenly decided to return the creation bombers B-1B Lancer or fighter-bomber F-111 Aardvark.
Yet, in Russia there are about 50 Tu-22M3 bombers, are no longer needed the Air Force, but could be used by China to «technical research and testing,» said Cashin, but, in his opinion, the big deal is hardly likely.
Special to China in the Heritage Foundation’s Dean Cheng (Dean Cheng) said that another prerequisite for China’s reluctance to buy Tu-22M3 is that fighter-bomber JH-7 is close to him and the property has a «lesser radar signature.» But China may be interested in purchasing cruise missiles DAC-5 «Rainbow» (AS-6 Kingfish), the expert believes. «I would venture to imagine that AS-6 may be more enthusiastic than gliders Tu-22M, particularly since China bought Russian class destroyers» Modern «only because it was the only opportunity to get together with them supersonic anti-ship missiles» Mosquito »(SS-N- 22 Sunburn) », said Cheng.
Model Su-34 was presented at the exhibition in Zhuhai in 2012, said Cashin. «The aircraft has the highest property. In the war against Georgia in 2008 the aircraft was tasked to suppress enemy air defenses. Implementation of anti-radar missiles and interference was successful — the main aviation killed Georgian radar and some part of SAM, «said the expert. In his view, the Su-34 has obvious advantages over JH-7, namely, a huge range, a stronger system of electronic warfare, a wide range of weapons, advanced radar and «good» crew accommodation.
But in Russia there is a criticism of the Su-34. Some spetsy believe that languid cockpit armor protection is not necessary for the bombers, soaring to great heights, said Cashin. «Su-34 so far is at an early stage of mass production, there are many small technical problems with fine-tuning of the aircraft, but on the whole programm is progressing well,» said the expert. «I think that the Chinese may be interested in purchasing a certain number of Su-34 and use them first for the oppression of enemy air defenses, also get the opportunity to apply some engineering solutions and components of this machine on their own strike aircraft,» summarizes employee CAST.

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