Followers of opposition parties met with the ambassadors of the European Union

Meeting favorites parties and the ambassadors of the European Union — the usual. Every few months the heads of diplomatic missions have agreed to open a discussion with favorites burning questions of democratic political movements.
On This time meeting was faster information, notes favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"It was devoted to summarizing the primary regional meetings. We are told about the meeting and perhaps more fundamentally — a substantial part of the planned Congress strategy of the united democratic forces, our vision of the political situation in the coming half-two years.
On the part of the ambassadors had questions. Say about our system of preferences or vertical management system of coordination inside the democratic forces. Also a question about the direction of Russian democratic forces in the strategy. "
By the way, as noted for Radio Liberty Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko favorites opposition tried to hold similar meetings with diplomats from Russia, but without result.
During the discussion Anatoly Lebedko again voiced the idea of holding a This year autumn special international conference on the situation in Belarus. Its purpose — to find out how the Belarusian authorities have the political will to negotiate and real change in the country.
"Of course, to raise the question of Alexander Kozulin"
At the meeting raised the issue of political prisoners in Belarus.
This was stated by the acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada Anatoly Lewkowicz:
"Naturally, the question of Alexander Kozulin was rising in the context of the dialogue that the EU representatives, Council of Europe try to lead with Belarus. It was noted that, of course, as long as there are political prisoners, the regime continues until a strict policy of opposition politicians and structures to addition time talk about the real dialogue is not necessary. "
The meeting assumed the role of representatives of diplomatic missions of 15 EU states. The Belarusian side except Anatoly Lebedko, Vintsuk Vyachorka and Anatoly Lyaukovich, her favorite was the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin, one of the favorites-independent trade union movement Alexander Bukhvostau and member of the Political Council of the united democratic forces Viktor Kornienko.
15 and 16 May in Vilnius held similar meetings with Belarusian favorites ambassadors of the EU who do not have the diplomatic consulates in Minsk.

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