Foreign Ministry commented on the visit of U.S. State Department spokesman D.Kreymera

"As for our relations with the United States, Belarus has never been a source of confrontation in bilateral relations. We have always advocated the usual deal with the U.S.. With On the other hand bezotstupno we strive to show America Belarus — a sovereign government, which successfully develops that is ready for equal dialogue with the United States without any preparatory criterion and pressure.
In most soon observed enthusiasm advanced business communities of both countries. So makarom, we are interested in a very sincere comprehensive dialogue with the U.S., in the normalization of our relations and cooperation in the areas where you can see a large mutual intrigued. These spheres very many. This includes the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, Chernobyl problem. But again I wish to emphasize that such a dialogue should be based only on the criteria of equality and mutual respect of the parties, "said Andrei Popov.
• D.Kreymer: "We Belarusian authorities There are two ways "

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