Foreign Ministry: U.S. going in the right direction

Ministry of money the U.S. has allowed South American companies to enter into business deals with companies "Lyakafarba" and "Polotsk-Fiberglass" to 2 March 2009.
"The decision of the U.S. side is a movement in the right direction," — said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov.
"Belarus has always stressed that the sanctions completely unacceptable in civilized international relations. This step is also in charge of the U.S. government and American business interests of society."
According favorite Free Trade Union "Polotsk-Fiberglass" Victor Stukova, the company expected the lifting of sanctions after the release of political prisoners:
"Well, that was canceled, well, that is 6 months. We have also introduced sanctions twice. This deprivation of EU preferences — these sanctions have affected us perfectly. And second — this South American sanctions. Sanctions EU tighter and they act. A deprivation of the market, the ability to trade with the Yankees, going back about 5% of the products, and the market has been very beneficial for us. Warehouses overcrowded. folding products in places where never folded. We can produce high-quality products, which was largely in the United States. Among our products you can make of cosmic rockets, and can build roads. During missiles, of course, pay more. "
Favourite Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin said after U.S. release of political prisoners are alternately. Sanctions were first political impact. At the moment they canceled six months:
"This is also excellent, as is monitoring that will take place in Belarus. If the situation with the rights of the people will get worse, they can always enter them again. Generally, fine, that things will improve with the U.S. and Europe. This is great for Belarusians and Belarus. "
According favorite unregistered movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, the I didand the United States and the European Union is trying to do — this is the meaning incremental configuration policy situation in Belarus:
"After, as the first condition for the European Commission has been performed actually quite political prisoners released, of course, need step by democratic states. And only such steps towards each other, evolutionary method, you can change the gravity of the situation in Belarus. Because I welcome such steps. "
According to Milinkevich if these sanctions were not very tangible for companies economically, but morally they were of great importance. The lifting of sanctions only 6 months indicates that "very long way":
"Not only can one moment of release people from prison ends. Path of economic and political reform in Belarus continue some time. And because the Belarusian authorities given another chance to change the following. So looks turn-based strategy. Even fine, if it is painted, such roadmap making any party. And even schedule can be. And it can change the situation Belarus to a large extent. This is for the benefit of the people of Belarus, that Belarusian economy developed in a westerly direction. "
Ministry of money the U.S. in mid-November last year rebuked South American citizens and firms to work with representatives of the company "Belneftekhim" in Europe, Russia and China, also with the company "Belneftekhim USA", which is U.S.. In March this year the sanctions were of the concern with a modicum of countries more than 50%. In May, the South American side has referred three companies, which were vserasprostraneny sanctions — Lida "Lakokraska", "Polotsk-Fiberglass" and "Belarusian Oil Trade House" means of which the export of Belarusian oil products. The sanctions were extended because the Belarusian authorities refused to release political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin.

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