«Freedom House»: Belarus — an outsider in press freedom

The reports that «Freedom House» published in 1980, estimated the degree of freedom of sharing disk imaging through print, radio and television, and through the web.
In today’s paper noted that during 2006 in some countries, particularly the web has become the object of censorship or were denied access to certain Web sites.
In terms of media freedom, according to "Freedom House", from number 195 countries in the world 74 — "free," 58 — "partly free" — and 63 — "free." Best situation in Finland and Iceland, also in Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. As for former communist states and the CIS, the media are more free in Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia, and less free in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
In general, the list of Belarus put on the 186th place. Worse its freedom of speech and press in the country — North Korea, Turkmenistan, Libya, Cuba, Burma, Eritrea, Uzbekistan, Zymbabve and Equatorial Guinea. In these countries, according to "Freedom House", a free media, or do not have, or distributed in such a small scale, which is not enough to convey to the public an alternative, uncensored information.
According to the report "Freedom House", Belarusian authorities went the way of not just rough closure of publications, but their greatest limitations Tipo under existing legislation. "Freedom House" notes authorities Belarus use municipal monopoly on printing and distributing duplicate publications.
"Following such countries as our homeland, Belarusian authorities try to keep under control and also Web — the last source-independent thought. Since the municipal company "Beltelecom" is a monopolist in the market of electric media, the authorities block some web pages in moments, especially the fundamental mode, for example, during the elections, "- said in a report« Freedom House »on freedom of speech and press world.

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