«Freedom House»: Belarus — in the midst of the worst

Elections — unfree and unfair
First noted that last year’s presidential elections were not free and fair. The other day the vote were prepared strong repressive measures against the opposition. The election results have aroused more public protest during the tenure Lukashenko. Mass arrests, including presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin, who later received a five and a half years jail.
The report noted that Belarus has no electoral democracy. The Constitution assigns the president of a huge opportunity. He controlled the government, the courts and even the legislative process. Presidential decrees have enormous power than the laws. As a result, the concentration of power in the hands of party president make de minimis role in the political process. Opposition parties are not represented in the National Assembly. The report cites examples of persecution Belorussian Communist Party, is following the democratic forces Milinkevich, Anatoly Lebedko, Dmitry Dashkevich.
Lukashenko’s regime collapses press freedom
Also, "Freedom House" notes that the Lukashenko regime systematically turns freedom of the press. It is recalled that the Committee to Protect Journalists referred to Belarus is one of the 10 most censored countries in the world in 2006. Municipal media subordinate to the president, and the persecution and censorship-independent media are commonplace, — stated in the report.
Belarus feels for himself on Municipal Solid ideological pressure academic freedom. Prosecuted institutions who use programs from a western-style, promoting national identity or suspected nelyayalnastsi. Earlier the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum and the European Institute for the Humanities at the official instructions deprived the place of study, work and academic degrees, students and teachers who join the opposition.
Orthodox Church — to become previleyavanym
"Freedom House" notes that in spite of the Constitution guaranteed equality before the law of all religions and faiths, government decrees and registration requirements more limit the life and work of religious groups. Orthodox church is in the same condition previleyavanym.
"Freedom House" notes a serious restriction of freedom of association. More than 100 active non-governmental organizations having a critical attitude to the authorities, have been eliminated or must finish existence from 2003 to 2005. And in December 2005 he wasand amended the Criminal Code, which systematize sin role in unregistered or liquidated political party or public association. Prohibited foreign aid to non-governmental organizations, parties and individuals who encourage "interference in internal affairs." In 2006, were arrested and sentenced to prison, four activists of the US-funded initiative "Partnership", which tried to organize election observation.
Belarus — not canceled permission to leave
"Freedom House" notes persecution in Belarus-independent unions, arrests their favorites for peaceful protests. Also — padparadkavanasts vessels authorities. In cases with political overtones are often not respected their right to a fair consideration. Human rights defenders continue dakumentavats beatings, torture and inadequate protection in time detentions of opposition activists.
Hitherto, in Belarus there is an internal passport system, which restricts the freedom to choose his residence. Nor canceled stamp exit permits. Command economy severely restricts economic freedom.
Ladies in Belarus are not particularly discriminated against. But there are wide disparities in income between the men and the ladies. Ladies and poorly represented in senior government positions. As a result of poverty, a lot of ladies have become victims of international illegal sex trade.
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