Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. April 5

Part 1:

• News Digest forward to.
• Interview with an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Infusion Palazhanka.
• Survey in Minsk: "What should be engaged youth organization?"
• celebrated its 214 anniversary a day or birthday patrons politician Constantine Radziwill.
• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "J-Mors".
2nd part:

• 1996 Belarus and Ukraine 2007 — similarities and differences.
• The political crisis in Ukraine: Analysis Sergey Navumchyk.
• Survey in Minsk: "Who is more important to you — the president or deputy?"
• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.
• Maxim Zhbankova film festivals.
• «Night rap." Modern saga Sergei Balahonova.

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