From the organizers of Chernobyl Way require wage policemen

Now applicants "Chernobyl Way" will visit Minsk city police department, so again coordinate their actions during the event. April 20, for the next day after, authorities forbade procession from Piazza Kolas to the State Library, Alexei Yanukevich Yuri Zenkovich and Anatoly Sidorevich visited Minsk city police department.
Managing the department of public safety Naydenko Alexander said that the applicants should pay for the work of policemen during the event. He explained that the amount will depend on the number of employees of militia. In addition, A. Naydenko warned applicants that they have to pay and "Zelestroyu" for warped lawns. He referred to the action on March 25, when representatives of the "Zelestroyu" complained that in several places on Independence Avenue were damaged lawns.
But protesters in the day Will say that walking on the lawns Special Forces soldiers and militia soldiers of internal troops. This is seen in the photo and video materials. Says Yuri Zenkovich:
"A certain amount will be named at the end of" Chernobyl Way "because they do not know how many people will involved. In "Minskzelenstroy" will be created by the commission, which will assess the damage and we will have their fill. According to their calculations, during a demonstration on March 25 damage was done to the amount of 700 thousand rubles. We can not get to Yakub Kolas, it is possible that will not stop public transport. Of course, the police in this step is considering the blockade area. "
Bureaucrats Mingorispolkom allowed to hold shares of the Academy to Bangalore Square. Applicants — Valentine Palevikova Anatoly Sidorevich Alexei Yanukevich Yuri Zenkovich Ales Cheholsky and Yuri Belenky — appealed to the Tribunal with a complaint against officials Mingorispolkom that no preparatory coordination with the organizers changed the format and route of mass action. They put their trust that the court will accept a decision in favor of the applicants "Chernobyl Way".
Sovereign Naydenko stated that inputs J.Kolasa area can be overlapped. He warned the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Alexei Yanukevich of criminal liability for the company "Chernobyl Way". Says Alex Yanukevich:
"Why me specifically? Maybe because I taught our requests and suggestions directly to the police on some technical aspects on behalf of all the applicants, maybe because my name stands first in the application. Naydenko Emperor turned to me and warned me to withdid everything likely to have lured not criminally responsible for the company "Chernobyl Way". "
Now the city police department applicants demonstrate map which will be police and security will be implemented as public policy.

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