From time nedavneshnego humanitarian goods at customs equal to commercial

"Farmer’s Field"
"Farmer’s Field", year 1927. The newspaper writes as present day"Mine outside science and return to the region — this is only useful for the region, but to produce science and sent abroad after not spin at home — it is death for the region … If we get up to the Belarusian intelligentsia only for export, the thereby will do offense, we will help the Polish government Polonized our region. Everybody should know about all those conscious Belarusians who allow Belarusian maturystym produce science. "
"More than 100 years ago in the villages reverse Kanorenki, Ravens, tract Kutsovka and others., Bragin region palasitavym rain fell meteor — reported in 1937," Star. "- Inhabitants of these villages are fragments of the meteor of various sizes (from a few kilogramav and up to 18-20 pounds), which are of meteoric iron with a huge protsantam (8.04) Nickel … Around August-September this year in place meteor will leave expedition led by recognized researchers L.A.Kulikam meteors. "
On this week 1997 "Name" tells about the adventures of a convoy of humanitarian aid from Ireland: "April 26, the anniversary of the Chernobyl explosion, the convoy carrying humanitarian supplies entered the area our country … But another misfortune happened — from time nedavneshnego humanitarian goods at customs equal to the commercial, and in order to medicines and ambulances got to the clinic, it is necessary to pay 40% of the price of shipping. In other words, 1.8 million bucks! "

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