Galina Domashevich Belarusian Pysanka most unusual

Since time immemorial, there is a custom of Easter egg dye and sanctify them in the temple. Reddish egg symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, symbolizes eternal life. Artistic painted eggs vserasprostraneny throughout the Christian world.
Belarusian artist Galina Domashevich makes Easter eggs in standards of living and the most enormous collection in the world. On their own admiration she can read endlessly.
Michas Scoble: "Mrs. Galina what started your passion Eggs? When did you first realize that Easter egg apart sacred functions and can do another — namely, to be a work of art?"
Galina Domashevich: "Art of Easter eggs in the common folk were not. Usually, tinted onion, beetroot, alders. And Eggs were intellectuals, people held. And since time immemorial in Belarus, every Easter, when relatives were coming, it does not carry the vodka and Eggs. remember, in the midst of the 1930s my father took me to the Shults in Radziwill castle. The castle stood in the cafeteria trays, and lay on their Easter eggs. Eggs were different-different, and vivid, and the largest eggs. And since that time I start to draw the eggs home. And in 1939, we have so many on Klechchyne exported to Siberia, "dekulakize." And before Easter father went to the expert by the next Easter egg. And found there ruined farmhouse on the floor was littered with scraps of notebook Easter eggs with standards. father collected them, brought home and said to me (a lifetime remembered his wordsa): "Daughter, there will perish in Siberia our painters, it is necessary to learn their art, they need to remember." And every year I remember: those Belarusian artists, violinists, writers and artists who have not returned from Siberia. "
Scoble: "Means you do Eggs have almost 70 years. How much for this time You have developed designs? How many Easter eggs in your collection? "
Domashevich: "I was sick for a long time and could not leave the house. So this time, my collection has grown considerably and currently has 500 albums 500 Easter eggs in each: total collection 250000 Easter eggs. Here I wanted to clarify: yes Eggs, Eggs and there. Eggs exclusively in Belarus. Neither Ukraine nor Lithuania nor Poland Easter eggs do not have. Pysanka is stripes, and virtually all of the egg is represented on the band and any band — the standard. My father did not read "Eggs" and "pasanki" explained — from the word "pass", "girdle." And was that the band should go on the egg as Easter skirt for Belarusian ladies. Another recollection of youth remember. After his release from Poland father again went to Shults and took me with him. Nesvizhski We arrived at the castle, and I am his father’s hand — to show the room where the last time we beheld Eggs: "Remember, Dad?" We went, and my father was dumbfounded. Watching, two Red Army soldiers are sitting barefoot , parazveshvali footcloths dry, and throw themselves into the wall of the egg. laugh: "Bourgeois fun." That’s the culture has come … "
Scoble: "The reddish color of Easter egg symbolizes life, zmertvyhpavstanne symbolizes Jesus Christ. You own swatches to use all the colors of the rainbow. Is this not a retreat from a tradition that evolved over the centuries?"
Domashevich: "The age-old tradition of this — Belarusian Pysanka be multicolored. Sytsyag And the resurrected Jesus Christ as color — white-red-white. My collection is a combination of colors is common. A Pysanka Belarus may be extended, transverse and indirect. Goes approximate band and in this band — all the colors of spring: green, purple, yellow and pure white. A dark color was used, too, but a long-pradavnih, even in pagan times — for the funeral ritual. dyeing dark eggs laid in the coffin of a dead man — on the road . And when the baby is born, the mother was allowed to drink this egg, it’s a sign of life. These customs I still remember, they were with us. And at the moment everything is lost, and so terribly that we are losing their own characteristics. "
Scoble: "In your Easter egg — unusual, a variety of patterns. And how much I tried, no flipping through albums, not found any 1st repetition. Here I see on some Pysanka cornflowers. Indeed, how long the people had read:" No Cornflowers tsvyatochka over. "And what’s flowers bloom on your Easter egg?"
Domashevich: "On my Pysanka bloom variety of flowers: and Yurgin, roses and jasmine, and daffodils. Lilac flower love to draw, it resembles a cross."
Scoble: "And here I see the birds. Seems that pigeons. Who else is presented on your Pysanka wildlife?"
Domashevich: "In most cases draw birds: tsyplyatok, duckies. When ill, for the first time watched nearby pigeons on the windowsill. Pigeon eyes are round, like dew, their like a dewdrop, the world is mirrored. Because doves draw love. Draw on eggs dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, eggs do blue. But it’s not serious, such eggs as toys. They were drawn for kids. When they went to visit, then took with them such Eggs, that amuse kids. "
Scoble: "Your Eggs from time to time are not only video, and text. What, for example, are these two little letters — software?"
Domashevich: "Joyous Alilyuya. From time to time I write the words" Christ is risen! "When you try to do this inscriptions in various languages. I have such a principle when congratulate Swede, German or Bulgarian, then be intelligent and make an inscription in his own language. All people in the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I in time studied at the Institute of foreign languages, the word itself can Pysanka in German, Polish, Ukrainian, with the help of a spouse — in French, son helps inscription Czech, granddaughter — in Spanish. And, of course, nadpisvayu Belarusian.
I remember my husband congratulated Vladimir Karatkevich Pysanka, they were friends. The next morning the husband went to work, and a phone call to me: "It Karatkevich. Damsel, darling, you yourself do not know what you’re doing! You keep almost lost tradition, I envy you for what can you do, I’ll send for you my compliments. " The next day Volodya bring you greetings: Figure two eggs, says "Christ is risen!" And a wish: "Galina Volodya Domashevicha congratulate congratulations!"
Scoble: "Happened to whether at a meeting with pahrystosavatstsa Korotkevich?"
Domashevich: "No, I could not, I have full hut kids and grandkids were. Volodya And they exchanged Easter excellent."
Scoble: "Standards of your Easter eggs inimitable. Only thing that repeats itself — white-red-white aprons. You already pronounced that the banner of Christ. A political overtones on your Pysanka not?"
Domashevich: "Yes, at the moment is in I was very associated with our time. I love the look when developing a white-red-white flags on the squares. They are so cheerful eyes! They cheer all Belarusians! Maybe Belarusians under this flag finally wake up and realize who they are. Usvoyut which have their flag! Usvoyut that have and its history, and its own language and customs. So now own white-red flag, I wish very much to bear. "
Scoble: "When there is a collection of Easter eggs book reviews. With your permission, I will quote one record left by the artist Gennady Sokolov Cuba:" This unique collection has great artistic and historical value. Mind-boggling number of Easter eggs! All correspondence Belarusian state traditions. This framework, based on which can be develop the art of Easter eggs in Belarus. Collection should be in the Municipal Museum of Folk Art. "And you’re not going to accurately convey his collection to the museum?"
Domashevich: "The collection has a collection, and something out of it to continue. Save for the people. Pisanok If I were more than 100 thousand, I began to think, what to do
, what to do with? Where they save? If I had name as my Protz Branickis, then it would have found a place for the collection of Easter eggs. And people went to look at it with the whole world. Indeed, after the exhibition of my Easter eggs in Minsk reddish church organized priest Master Vladislav Zavalniuk I sent exalted letters from Belgium, Ukraine, from Lithuania, Poland, from France. And I realized that my collection — kshtovnasts wealth of my nation.
I will not, and someone will admire my Eggs. And I thought, what you need prepare his collection as a daughter to the publication. Visited the exhibition and the Minister of Culture. And he read about the museum, but stated that the ministry does not have the means to buy the collection. And I say, "I give it to you for free, just give her a good home!." That’s talked, and later all died. True, I had offers. Poles stated: "We have the Belarusian Museum Hajnowka, let your collection there, we will make the conditions of preservation. "Lithuanians offered directly:" Take collection, and tomorrow we are waiting for you in Vilnius. "But I do not want to sell their Eggs abroad, let Belarusian kids stare and enjoy. You see, my" girls " Woo, but "married" until it did not come out. "
Scoble: "We hope that your treasure is still at home. Galina, your current optimism can only envy. From what sources do you draw it?"
Domashevich: "I believe that people should live in love. Love is given to us from God. ‘Cause I, despite his age, I love music, I love art, love poetry, love lovely dress in public. General love beauty. I have my people must be fine. I love to sing songs, they have such wonderful. And not so long ago I was the verse: "Again, the song will be heard over the rumble of hillocks, valleys and towns. Help us, God, from the knees up, have mercy on us and always be with us! "

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