Galina Skorokhod: I go every Chernobyl Way

That calls her every year from Polessie heartland in Minsk?
"I have a day or two reverse beheld story on BT, in which the village knew of Strelichevo Khoyniki district. It is a village in the list of mandatory Strelichevo resettlement. Zabruzhanasts There cesium to 40 curies per square kilometer.
But BT demonstrated plot and justified, there can grow canola. And the local people doing analyzes of rape and made sure that he is also very accumulates strontium.
When I hear about a specialization, I do not know what it did for the technology. No we did not tell.
Lasts as well as the creation of milk in violation of strontium and cesium. Number of these were previously known — how many tons recycles Hoinikskii Cheese Factory.
Currently this information to ordinary citizens just do not give. Because it lasts radioactive contamination of people through food.

I am very touches this problem. People thrown into the abyss. None of them ever really not fussed. It takes years, because now extinct civilization.
As a symbol of what you need show solidarity with these victims — and now we are all victims, — I go to "Chernobyl Way".

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