Gazeta Wyborcza: Authorities hid from people about Chernobyl

Polish media reports that more affected by Chernobyl Belarus, while the Belarusians themselves April 26 have not received any official authorities disk imaging this issue. But such a situation were not only Belarusians.
"The Soviet authorities blocked information about the tragedy — the Poles learned it only a day or two later, when much higher level of radiation was recorded on radiation monitoring station in Mikalaykah" — writes "Gazeta Wyborcza".
Is noteworthy that, according to professionals, Poland was in fact the only state of the communist bloc, which already was April 29 decision adult citizens to give special antyradyyatsyyny lechuschee means, for kids — take overseas milk powder.
The newspapers say that after 21 years after disaster, scientists continue to debate the impact and heads of states affected by the Chernobyl clusters — first Lukashenko and Yushchenko now — offered to return to the dirty areas economic activity.

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