Gazeta Wyborcza writes about the persecution of students applets Kalinowski in Belarus

"Gazeta Wyborcza" describes the case of Olga Dzmitruk applets students who came to his parents in Gomel on Easter and April 10 was dragged into a car by force KGB civil — threatened her and forced to cooperate with the KGB.
Noteworthy that the woman refused to provide details of the incident with the newspaper, saying that he could read only after returning to Poland.
"Wyborcza" writes that when students are interested in the Belarusian secret services applets Kalinouski more. One of the participants told about the existence of programs from the list of students applets Kalinouski Belarusian border guards, which are particularly closely inspect those in this list helpful.
"What Belarusian spetschluzhby interested students Kalinouski is not lurking. All indicates, that through their own hidden KGB agents trying to kill the program from the inside "- writes" Gazeta Wyborcza ".

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