Gidroaviasalon 2012

Gidroaviasalon 2012
Gelendzhik completed the ninth consecutive «Gidroaviasalon.» Its purpose is to demonstrate the aircraft and ship-based aqua. As usual, he brought some fundamental news.

Initially, about decent. There is a reason to rejoice about the imminent decision of another long overdue difficulties of our Armed Forces. At the last «Gidroaviasalon 2012» Director Victor Beriev Beriev Kobzev made a statement that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) finally got those. assignment to a new anti-submarine aircraft distant maritime zone. MO determine overlooking new antisubmarine aircraft until the end of the year to announce a tender.

Beriev Beriev will participate in the tender with its amphibious aircraft A-42. Let me remind you — this is the future development of something no more Russian aircraft A-40 «Albatross», which never went into series after the collapse of the Union.

At the moment, the base ASW aircraft make IL-38, which, in spite of the life extension and modernization require a substitution in the coming years. At the time, the A-40 was planned to substitute as the previous generation ASW amphibian Be-12, and for the substitution of IL-38. But the new aircraft in 90 years the fleet has not received. The fate of the «Albatross», which proved perfect 148 global records, would have been very sad if used on its base was not created amphibian-200 — a smaller version to keep the main technical solutions A-40. This aircraft was rescued almost Beriev Beriev, has permitted to keep and develop the potential of Russian hydroplanes.

The main customer of the Be-200 firefighting aircraft variant was MOE. And, behold, there on the Gidroaviasalon, signed an agreement for the supply of eight Be-200 aircraft for the Ministry of Defence. Two of them are in the form of air command Fri, others in search and rescue variant. Delivery — 2014-16 years. This is a fundamental event, as the preservation potential MMA procurement time to run across the serial production.

Yet, the project developed and anti-A-40. In order to increase its range and duration of patrol version was developed, where turbojet engines changed to be more economical vintoventilyatornye. Because of this, the stated range of modern machines is 11500 km, which is larger than that of IL-38. Moreover, it is possible to in-flight refueling.
Amphibious machines, in theory, allows her to use equipment which is impossible without the introduction of ditching. For example, not counting the beacon still submerged sonar, equipment for mine work. The aircraft received the title of A-42. Specifically, it should be considered as the main contender for the new anti-complex. The need for a brand new plane is about 30 cars.

But we should not rule out the victory in the tender and other machines, although other real contenders I do not see. Abroad and antisubmarine patrol aircraft are in most cases, alteration or passenger transport civilians. In fact, both IL-38 was made on the basis of passenger IL-18. Aircraft Series Tu-204/214 naturally have difficulty civilians orders only by actually existing public procurement. But special plane, first create for the needs of the Navy, in my opinion, would be preferable. Opportunity to soar with water and sit on the water gives certain advantages antisubmarine aircraft, although it is not an aspect of mandatory. In fact, the tender will be announced to the media specifically anti-complex, some progress in the development of which, apparently, finally achieved.

Here we must remember that for India, we recently upgraded 5 IL-38 to the level of IL-38SD (version for the Russian fleet bears the title Il-38N). The aircraft received a new search and sighting system «Novella», which is able to detect airborne targets at a distance of 90 km, surface — up to 320 km. With all this keeps the system immediately in sight 32 goals, both above and under water. Not counting solutions purely anti-tasks, it is able to do puzzles maritime patrol aircraft, electric aircraft reconnaissance, search and rescue, and even shock against surface targets.

Complex «Novella» allows excluding anti guns, anti-ship missiles Kh-35. By the way, the A-40 at the dawn of his own design, had to carry not counting anti-guns, from 4 to 6 anti-ship missiles.
And on a modernized version of the Il-38, extra pylons can be suspended even missiles «air-air», which is provided for target designation sight complex. So makarom even IL-38, upgraded to the level of IL-38N becomes universal control aircraft sea area.

New same plane and get a new set of abilities that are significantly higher. Its versatility Targets should be even higher, because at first, the plane will be used in the Arctic, where there is a serious need for a means of control not only the huge waters and the air space above them.

Other news with pretensions to become a sensation statement of Zaporozhye engine-holding «Motor Sich» Vyacheslav Boguslayev readiness to join the Russian United Aircraft Company. This statement, however, made a few joking manner: «… I’m ready to eat me.» But if it is really serious, then we can talk about the 180-degree position of the holding and management control of Ukraine on this issue. Until now, all attempts of the Russian Federation at least partially enter the management of «Motor Sich» no response.

Company strictly standing on nezalezhnіsti position, wanting to receive orders dependent on Russian aviation industry of its own products, but not even a little bit of share in the management and accessories. The situation is reminiscent of the complex relationship of Russia and Ukraine on gas transportation system, huge diameter pipe production, companies rocket and space technology and other, with the only difference being that the «Motor Sich» confidently developed on Russian orders, as opposed to, say, Yuzhmash. But since in this area the last sample anew integrate Russian industrial complex came upon a desire to stay are independent — program launched import and production of aircraft engines.

So in the village. Shuvalovo (Primorsky district of St. Petersburg), is building a new design and production complex JSC «Klimov» (United Engine comes in the company «Oboronprom»). He soon will change products «Motor Sich» sector helicopter engines. Similar steps are being taken by other products, although «Motor Sich» forever remains a very principled supplier rising Russian aircraft industry, but not part of it. Ukrainian engines as before will raise the sky Russian aircraft, including amphibians exposed in Gelendzhik. Cooperation with «Motor Sich» is over, as well as with other foreign suppliers.

Vyacheslav Boguslayev now reads: «… we do not take the opportunity is there, but offers yet.» Unfortunately, most likely no longer be. If Vyacheslav has permitted himself to eat at least a few years ago — all might have turned out differently. And now, unfortunately, spent a lot of money to replace the production of the enterprise, which is to defend their independence.

Much effort he had spent Vyacheslav «Rising public» lobbying «popular aircraft,» and very often read «… well, then I went,» when it was part of the specific steps to integrate once one aircraft industry.

Statement of «Motor Sich», despite his on first glance, a positive sense, I can not exactly be called good news. In my opinion, Vyacheslav slightly cunning, saying the merger with KLA, when it is not necessary most of the KLA. «The lack of proposals», like shifts the responsibility for this situation on the Russian side, although the possibility of merging, most likely, is in the midst of a string of other lost abilities. At least, before the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.

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