Gomel authorities do not allow mass actions on Chernobyl anniversary

On the picket organizers intended to remind city residents about the disastrous consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and to express protest against construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus.
In refusing vice-chairman Executive Committee Sergei Poroshin applicants wrote that the order does not correspond to the picket Article 10 of the Law "On Mass Events" section of the undertaken obligations. Which itself — does not say.
City Council holds not allowed April 26 rally. Order for him to submit a member of the Belarusian Party "greenish" Sergei Gavrilin. It was assumed that in the meeting perceive the role to 1 thousand urban residents. Ban standard: application does not meet Article 5 of the Law "On Mass Events".
Similar manner were forbidden massive Chernobyl event in previous years. Activists in an attempt to learn the executive committee that specifically orders do not comply with the law, had of success.

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