Gomel warns prosecutors for religious teaching

Sergei Nesterovich accused of developing without registering Transfiguration Orthodox community of brotherhood and in the organization of meetings in his apartment "for the purpose of research and dissemination of religious doctrine" also in fundraising activities fraternity.
According to Orthodox believer in Belarus "live openly unreal."
In time Sergei Nesterovich with peers attended Sunday orthodox school. Unlike others, their group is disbanded. As adults, former pupils of the Sunday school groups attend church Seraphim of Sarov, which is located in the neighborhood "GOMSELMASH" regional center.
After Sunday’s liturgy believers really going on Nesterovich apartment to share lunch, prayer and discuss the recent actions in the religious life of the town.
Sergei Nesterovich does not hide that he personally donated funds for the Russian Holy Filyaretavski Institute, where he studied previously.

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