Governing business model punished Bullpen

According to the court, they supplied Belarusian women in the rich countries of the East for prostitution.
Total convicted 10 people. This former heads of agencies "Zara", "Grace", "Madison" and other structures of the modeling business who have been sentenced to a term of 8 to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property and the payment of compensation to the victims of the tremendous.
For example, with Kira Atayeva convicted, guilty in the development of a criminal organization, the tribunal decided to collect more than the budget of 1 billion 800 million rubles.
Observers, but note that the process was closed. According to the statements of some of the accused, the victims were not forced to engage in prostitution abroad.
Tipo women recruited for escort services comfortably Arabs and krosotki recorded in line to get this to work. According to investigators, in the midst of the victims were minors.
Belarusian authorities a couple of years vigorously develop the topic of human trafficking, sex appeal fall into slavery. Not so long ago in the UN initiative of Belarus was international conference devoted this dilemma.

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