Grodno — about Chase and a white-red-white flag

Man: "They certainly must be returned, as it is our national symbols, reflecting the Belarusian history, and it is necessary that they were specifically municipal."
Old man: "All vorachivaetsya circle, development occurs in a spiral. Forgotten values ever be perceived again, and all men come to an agreement. Coat" race "to something as personified all the same, any thoughts, hopes . Because — why reinvent the wheel? "
Man: "I do not perceive the current flag, because I wish all the same, so our symbolism was such as it was long ago, such as it be. I worked in 1995 on the plant "Art" needed make new flags, many orders were — in every building, in every office changed the emblem of "race" and white-red-white flag to today. Each control has remained in his own chair, and everything changes very rapidly, and issued had a lot of funds. "
Youth"The coat of arms was a good one — with a rider, but he is still there, we know about it. Although today’s coat of arms is also good. And if there is a new, then return to "The Chase" balamutit people? "
Man: "Of course, it is necessary to return white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race", as they are — historical characters questions here simply can not be. "
Youth"Return" Chase "? Since Lithuania is the very same -" Pursuit. "It turns out that two countries with similar emblem? Although I myself" race "like it more than the current coat of arms — neither fat nor oil. But to return" chase, "it is not from the 1st on me, is dependent on the people: he will want this or not?"
Young lady, "I, of course, for the fact that white-red-white returned back, and then to return our country assessment — national emblem" The Chase. "
Old lady: "I like that flag, white-red-white, he still corresponded to the historical traditions of the country. I even survived the merits with the symbolism that was in the early 90’s, I like it very much. Necessary to return that was, it is our roots. "

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