Guest on Freedom — Alex Marochkin

Aleksei Marochkin 67 years. Born in the village Cherikov clericalism. Has two higher education — graduated from Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute (1962) and the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (1972). Taught in the Belarusian Academy of Arts. One of the founders of the art» association "Pursuit." He was a member of the organizing committee Belarusian Popular Front "Revival", made October 19, 1988.
In an interview with Alexei Freedom Marochkin said about his vision dilemma creator relations with the authorities:
— I believe that the free, always free painter must be in opposition to the government. Power always tries to shelter him somehow to discover and dictate their terms, and the painter seems to be agreed to this … But that does not make it free.
Aleksei Marochkin questions can be asked in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine (8-017) 266-39-52, via SMS (391-22-24) or email electrical rferl.minsk @

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