Guest on Freedom — Tatsyana Seviarynets

Mom Paul Sevyarinets officially warned that on April 28 it fired from his job. According to human rights activists and most of Tatiana, this dismissal is politically motivated:
"Under the guise of law lawlessness. This is a demonstration of unfair policies of the country."
On September she turns 53. Teacher of the highest category. Educator Russian language and literature. Many of her students are currently working in the native grammarians and Vitebsk region.
The main credo of teacher Tatiana Seviarynets — teach kids thinking, to prepare for life with a precise sense of individual human pluses.
Always supported their own offspring, the creator of "Junior Front"P.Severintsa. Participated in all the latest election campaigns: In the local twice put forward itself, parliamentary Paul collected more than seven votes.
Tatiana Seviarynets questions can be asked in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine (8-017) 266-39-52, via SMS (391-22-24) or email electrical rferl.minsk @
If you notify the Radio Liberty own phone number, revision itself will connect you with Mrs. Seviarynets.

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