Guest on Freedom — Valery Kostka

He supplies KGB lieutenant colonel. Has four higher education. After graduating from the Military Academy named after Dzerzhinsky served in missile troops. Then he graduated from two more schools in counterintelligence and outdoor exploration. BSU went to law school after, as received from the deputies of the 12th convocation invitation to join the development of the concept of reforming the KGB. Thesis — "The management of state security." Knows the language Pashto.
In 1993, for the democratic gaze had resign. With addition time worked alongside Gennady Karpenko: business manager Molodechno executive committee, assistant Deputy Chairman Supreme Council.
All years after perdition Gennady Karpenko engaged in beekeeping in Smolevichy area.
Here is what reflects the dilemma Valery Kostka lustration:
"The issue of lustration — not emotional. It must come from the mind. Everyone should think and know what would happen if suddenly his brother, wife or sister or someone else from the family would be hidden by special forces. This, of course, a very big question. This is a political issue … "
Questions Valery» w Bone can also be set in advance: round the clock telephone answering machine (8-017) 266-39-52, via SMS (391-22-24) or electric-mail (rferl.minsk @ gmail . com). If you report on "Freedom" own phone number, revision itself will connect you with Valery» eat bones.

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