Hello, we are looking for talent!

Almost every mom is convinced that her daughter — a genius, talent and, in general, is a miracle of nature. But how to open these gifts and how to help them implement? These issues concern mother no less than the health of her daughter or academic success. Here are a few tips that may be useful in addressing this challenge.

From the first steps

Very often the child's interests and talents appear quite early and stay with him for life. For example, if your daughter started drawing before going, and still covers all your notebooks images princesses and animals, you should invite her to work out at art school and more likely to look together at various exhibitions. In addition, you can arrange your home a gallery of her work.

When all roads are open

There is another option when daughter hungry for all things at once: sports, singing, dancing and cross-stitch. In that case, you need not limit its something one — even try and look for yourself. Think of yourself at that age — surely you also raced every day after school in any ordinary circle. And if so, why your daughter does not change the number of different hobbies, before finding the right option? In the end, even Coco Chanel started out as a singer!

In a given direction

Another way to my daughter's talent development requires special patience and determination … Mom! It is a question of when mom she offers her daughter a particular occupation, such as music or sports. In that case, be prepared to be both a teacher, coach and support team, and at the same time and fine-tune your work schedule to the schedule of her concerts and competitions. Does this tactic? Think about Maria Sharapova. The main thing in this case — do not overdo it and continually inspire her daughter to new successes, or after a few years, one type of piano or fitness level will cause her shudder.

We are on the way

Hello, we are looking for talent!However, the secret of harmonious development of your daughter and the maximum disclosure of all her talent lies not in the choice of a section or a mug, and in the understanding and the support that it received from you. Pay more attention to my daughter, listen to it — and you accurately determine what area it is worth a try myself, but at the same time tell me how to realize her talents to one hundred percent.

Be attention every day. For example, buying cosmetics, accessories and hygiene items, pay attention for products that are created for teenage girls. These "findings" are, in particular, laying Kotex ® Young, designed specifically for teenage girls. In Kotex ® Young used a special mesh coating that instantly lets the moisture in and keeps the surface dry and thickened center provides reliable protection from leaks.

After all, when my daughter does not keep such minor annoyances as discomfort in the critical days, to reveal her talents will be even easier.

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