Hockey on many white-red-white flags

Belarusian TV is broadcast live on the first play of Belarusians — the Czechs and the Yankees. Both times, the Ice Palace soared many white-red-white flags.
Media expert Leonid Mindlin clarify that employees of BT does not depend that the audience will see. Reflection of events in the championship (so called "Painting") on television — the total for all states, where these staring competitions.
"There is a TV, which acquired the rights to broadcast the championship. In this case, it is a Russian company. It gives television" image. "And it’s her staff — directors, cameramen, engineers — provide a picture of the satellite. From it we have it and we receive. And This picture is available in all countries wishing to receive it. "
Calls to go to Russia to support the players of Belarus to This time remain on the marketing boards in the center of Minsk. They sound like this: "Your support — our victory."
Adherents of the Belarusian team in Russia a lot. For example, yesterday during the match against the USA in particular sector and they filled by one, and the other gate where tickets cheaper than the central stands.
Man Maxim went with friends from Minsk to Moscow and support your team. Guys took with white-red-white flags and pennants depicting Chases.
Now I called Maxim and asked how the Metropolitan Police responded to the national characters:
"We feel ourselves cool. Police has no claims. If we went in Minsk with such flags, then we would quickly tied. Russians some fit, ask: what is it all the same for flags? We tell them what and how.
And yesterday, "Spartacus" metropolitan played football. And when we went to the subway with our flags, many wonder what we are fans of "Spartacus." And we give them says that we are "Spartacus" does not have a case. We — for Belarus! "
Maxim also states that the mood Belarusian fans after 2-lesions with a large bill from the teams of the Czech Republic and the United States, quite bad. In general, emphasizes the young fan, comforts this:
"The white-red-white flags were very many. More than official, greenish."
Belarusian fans Maxim says that Russian discussions are not only about hockey:
"Yesterday we had read on the subway with a Muscovite. And concluded Belarus — this landfill, which fulfills our homeland’s future. All that at the moment in Belarus and in Russia will be a couple of years. "
Olympic favorite Parfenovich says that he looked on TV both matches Belarusians. By various flags it relates quietly
"Every has its world and expresses its such makarom. Maybe someone like a team that has a white-red-white flags, and someone — greenish reddish. For the team it does not matter what kind of support — this support. "

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