How minchane assess the role of Boris Yeltsin in history?

Lady: "When he was in power, with Russia were the usual case. Everything was perfect. "
Pensioner: "In that difficult time — and of, and Belarus, — when he was in power, and in the USSR, and after he did the right conclusions. He even went to the Alliance of Belarus and the Russian Federation, although it was rather their problems. "
Young lady: "Nothing clear, fascinating, I do not know. It was not our country. Currently more trevozhut moments that happen to us. Maybe attributed to the fact that the collapsed Russian Alliance. Although, what? Maybe we at the moment and better than it was before. "
Pensioner: "Sorry everyone, when killed. Whatever he had done, maybe disgusting — is to block the path of the CPSU, and not collapse."
Worker: "This is the last Russian President. Before was a party worker. Hard for me to say it means something or not. "
Pensioner: "Nothing bad — ruined Alliance."
Man: "Yeltsin — the founder of the Russian Federation and the looting of all republics."
Man: "For me this era. Uneasy figure yet, I would refer him to the pantheon of the majestic people. This does not mean that the destruction of the system is something huge, or a mistake, or weakness. This is someone who will fate was at a turning place. For me it’s a piece of history care. "
Lady: "Do not I can tell, that his figure somehow influenced our destiny, the destiny our country. "

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