How to celebrate the anniversary of Baranovichi Polish public school?

Polish School of Public Dvatsatsigodde Baranovichy be celebrated on April 14. Recently the event, the headmaster Alzhbeta Dolenga-Vzhosek and managing the Polish House Selivonchyk Teresa appealed to the House of Culture Administration builders asking about renting the hall. Administration initially agreed, but suddenly April 11 organizers said the event, which for technical reasons can not imagine the hall.
And a few hours later the situation has changed, and the administration of the House of Culture said that it agreed to surrender their room rental for the celebration. But organizers of the celebration of the offer refused. Says the director of the Polish House in Baranovichi Teresa Selivonchyk:
"We will all be carried out in the Polish House. Necessary have their honor. Has its own house. And you can not read one in the morning, and after lunch the other. "
According Selivonchyk, in celebration perceive the role about 100 people, including and guests from Poland. Polish Hall house is very small and held in such event it will be difficult enough. Polish House itself was in January this year officially closed due to violation of fire safety and sanitary standards. But to seal the room staff Emergency Management did not. Because you can hold the event there.
Headmaster Alzhbeta Dolenga-Vzhosek believes that the difficulties of relations Polish activists from Baranavichy appeared as they enter the disgraced Alliance of Poles led by Angelika Borys:
Dolenga-Vzhosek: "They do not recognize the Union of Poles led by Angelica, and we recognize it only. And we are already so well known here in Baranovichi, because we’re 20 years old. And we specially unrealistic nothing to blame, and we should recognize. This completely normal, I’m just sorry for them. After all, we did as well as will do while it will be possible. "
Alzhbeta Dolenga-Vzhosek came to Belarus from Poland in 1939 to escape the German occupation forces. In 1987 she organized the Polish public school, which initially had 18 people. And in a couple of years the number of students has reached 600. Now in school from the first to the eleventh grade enrollment of more than three hundred kids.
At the same time the Polish language and culture study not only kids of Polish origin. Says inhabitant Baranovichy Eugene Malinowski, all seven kids who have visited and attend Polish school:
Malinowski: "I believe that every ordinary Belarusians should maintain good neighborly case and know the languages. It Russian or Ukrainian, that Polish. It just, my kids and grown in their own education. And the older and the younger. "

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