How to change the welfare of citizens of Minsk in the last three months?


Woman: "Prices actually increased."
Grandma: "Everything is expensive! Eggs were 2,050 rubles, and at this point in 2150 rubles. Sausages that I always took to be 7250 rubles, and at the moment they are 8400."
Man: "Not much, but life is more expensive. While we maintain. C one side, need to adjust to market relations. With On the other hand — hard, but what to do? Need to get used to this. "
Lady: "I admire the bananas, the bananas rose. A utilities rose very noticeable."
Man: "Creeping darazhenne goes: slowly but constantly. Surges But I have not seen. However, gasoline rose in price dramatically. When was the last time to change the oil in your car, it cost half the price."
Reporter: "You have a situation somehow associate with relations with Russia?"
Man: "Of course, how else. Certainly, Belarusian management pulls from all sides to make up for their loss. "
Lady: "I saw that kid assistance decreased. Spouse earns 200 thousand. Hard for me to see the configuration, because we restrict ourselves in everything we buy practically nothing."

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