How true to select and store computer passwords?

Managing Internet portal "Akavita" Fedor Karalenka indicates that the findings of British researchers that passwords are stored tightly enough concern and Belarusians. Although nobody in Belarus has never conducted similar research.
"This is a fascinating study would be, of course. But while some just to hold it. Well and generally we have with some of the sociological service incomprehensible situation, some general closed. And in the same activity the web, I also do not see any. Poll on the same agencies time doing some as the audience is fairly broad. And it representative enough. "
Passwords are normally protected access to a computer to program that the electrical-mail and personal of information.
What words should not be taken for passwords?
Specialists in the field of computer security is not recommended to choose a password words: love, sex, God, nicknamed cat lover, born spouse or spouse’s own name or the word "password". Flawless password — this is a random combination of large and small letters, as computer characters and numbers. The longer the password, the more secure it is.
As for storing passwords, a common mistake — is to write down on paper the combination of Enigma and hang it on a computer monitor. Passwords as PINs and bank card mobile phones, should not be left on paper or in computer files.
Specialists in the field of computer security emphasize that most, a safe place to save the secret disk imaging — it’s your memory.
Fyodor Korolenko notes that the user should look closely where and where it’s own password to enter.
"Indeed, people do not think about it. For example, a large problem at the moment with the Web so referred "Phishing." It is under the guise of a bank or e-bay auction comes rubbish in which require you to enter the password, and people just it mattersdissolved. Same with passwords. If impersonate spetsa some companies, Internet service provider and say that we update the software or something else, but you say your password, then many will call, unfortunately. This problem general global, not only for the Western states. But here we are people too, before long on computers, not to think about security until they somehow it touches. "
What Criminal Code punishes?
In 2004 Belarusian Criminal Code complemented by new articles that define the responsibility for the implementation of computer technology to commit crimes, and for the introduction of alien disk imaging (in including and passwords) for their own purposes. This says lawyer Oleg Dudarev:
"First time — generally sin in computer activities associated with the introduction of computer technology. In other words, the fact regardless of the size caused harm, damages, etc. Or, for example, directly classified fraud using computer technology. This already a little different, a common article, but the approach is different, here is the notion of hacking. "
According to the Consulate of "Microsoft", once a year in Belarus comes about 100 thousand new computers. Complete the number of users of computer data banks — more than 10 thousand people and organizations. Each user has multiple passwords immediately.

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