I do not want an alliance with the Russian authority nor without Lukashenko nor with Frolov, Frolov neither without nor with Skrabets or without Skrabets

Man: "I listened to your radio and wish to say that the opposition is not necessary to violate the laws. Kozulin A broken the law, let him answer. President And such as Kozulin, is not necessary. And the opposition should work with people. And much much glory for himself credited . Here is my world. "
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Hello," Freedom. "Yesterday on the waves" Freedom "there was information that the retired General Frolov and retired businessman Skrabets held a rally in support of allied countries under the motto" From Russia without Lukashenko! " Personally myself, I wish to say pseudo-opposition: I do not want an alliance with the Russian authority nor without Lukashenko nor with Frolov, Frolov neither without nor with Skrabets or without Skrabets. I wish that Belarus had with all its neighbors and other countries in the usual economic, trade, cultural affairs without any political and military collectives. Thank you for your attention. "
Evgenij Kozlov, Orsha: "I do not agree with the expression Yuri Khadika that Lukashenko — nationalist. This sounds cynical, because in fact the head of the country today destroys all national and deliberately turns together with his assistants-lackeys. He threw babies from professional Belarusian Humanities Lyceum closed the Belarusian (European — Ed.) Institute for the Humanities, threw them out of Belarusian Writers Writers’ House, destroyed all Belarusian publishing houses, does not use the Belarusian language, not memory pochetaet Protz people on whose land was born and raised. Judas sold Christ, and Lukashenko sold our Belarus and it beloruschinu. I ask, even demand from Yuri Khadika explanations that he had in mind when so read? ".
Constant listener: "This is clear to everyone that we have today, in Belarus, all the kids are provided with kindergartens and crèches, and qualified teachers, and good food, and medical services in kindergartens. And even a little more space is available. A at the same happy-thirds of Germany on the region, only 8% of children are provided. And it is exclusively in the former East Germany, where he wasand the GDR, there are provided up to 40%. Here for you a rich, happy Germany. That’s the situation. Here programm conducted to support people with disabilities. Belarusian rubles allocated for the maintenance of all categories of persons with disabilities, ranging from the fact that for their special buses with low collections and ending real support. And where you are is Seek? Well get somewhere in Europe is. You will not find. And we have this government produces. And now the chairman of the Council of Ministers again publicly proved it all. Is it necessary to criticize? Do not. "
Man: "Now in Ukraine, unfortunately, just heart aches for our fellow Slavs, Ukrainians, the Orthodox. Nationalists again fanning the fire. This all goes to the fire more people, workers, farmers, their families and children.’s The failure. let them there for forelocks each other dragged, thrashed head against the wall. That’s their business. But in closed session. And these are transferred to the area of confrontation. That’s something we had in those days, when Lukashenko came to power. Likewise, some dark forces pulled, drilled roads, threw stones, boys policemen beaten. And Belarus survived. Resisted, poor guy. And began the procedure. Will — this is not vsedazvolenasts. And those creepy screamers, which at the moment are trying to yell, prevent us to live, as it is necessary to express all decently, honestly and directly, he wants. Half Minsk will listen to them. Oh, so you need to. "
Vincent Bits: "Good day. April 1 marks 550 years since a day or land reform in Belarus has been entered so called" Charter on the portages. "This date remains, unfortunately, not seen, but you can understand how important it was for our country, then majestically Duchy of Lithuania. then was ordered zemlevladanne were conducted size. And the fact that it was of great importance, it is clear to everyone. article I read Valentina Golubeva, but once the date has passed unnoticed. "
Nina Armalinskaya Soligorsk: "Long live Belarus! Long live Belarus! Go from words to brain cats. Long live Belarus! Long live Belarus! Do not drop behind bars. Andrei Klimov freedom! Shame regime lackeys! Long live Belarus! Andrei Klimov lives! We are with you, Andrew, now and forever. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Precious and gentlemen favorite Radio Liberty, good evening. I am very glad that pochetaemy sovereign Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko dissolved the Bolshevik Verkhovna Rada. Work collaboratively with the Bolshevik Yanukovych unreal. They should sit in the hold. I very much hope that the beloved Ukrainian people do not make mistakes in the election of deputies. For you will be the Bolsheviks promise "mountains of gold," not, believe them. Ukraine’s path — in Europe and faultless relations with America. Still hard for you, but a good example of the Baltic states in Europe, as they have gone too far in terms of life. Again to turn to you, dear brothers and sisters in Ukraine: protect your future. "
Cucumber: "I think that the political scientist Klaskouski just expressed profound stupidity of Independence so called Belarus. Where do you see the sort of independence? What is it manifested? The fact that we have a public school, an institution that does not pass the price tag in the store that we are trading as a gypsy mare? Let Klaskouski explain what our independence. We absolutely metropolitan province. One hundred percent, as they say, from the last farm to the president. Where does this kind to such stupidity voiced? . "
Galina, a pensioner: "I wish to ask. Maybe someone will comment. Maybe he himself Petr Kravchenko. That"our Cornfield"Was such an article" Her name Belarusian "about Anastasia Lisitsyn, which was the first Belarusian, who studied at the Belarusian with all the difficulties, by hook or by crook. And expression of Peter Kravchenko. Quote:" The then secretary of the Minsk City Committee of the PBC came to me, " — Nastia herself writes about it — "to me in the classroom to check: if I have nothing wrong with the head, I really can connect two words in Russian?". It’s about that "free news" he wrote a very great book about how he is a sincere Belarusian, and what it’s not bad, and how he fought. So can anyone comment on this, or he would say. ".
Man: "Hello. Radio Liberty. Is such a question to the Minister of Communications of Belarus. Why is glushenne Radio The radio frequency of 49 m? Let him answer my question why it violates my right to information and the article of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus?"

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