I’m afraid that the Office of Estonia, the Estonian authorities have done a good gift for our management

Zinoviev: "If in the 91st beat putsch, I think Yeltsin gave five and a half years, allegedly for hooliganism, as Kozulin. Thank you."
Maria Ivanovna Bartos, d. Kvasovka: "Good morning, Radio Liberty. Sadili" weave "the farm" October "once a year". In This year excluded from the total range. After complaining to the executive committee, took seven acres — Sadi itself. Do not put small Krymka transport to bring and drop. This gratitude for 40 years, and receives a telegram Olkhovik who does nothing in vain means receives. Where are you, Lukashenko? Who commands? Krymka young. Time to retire to go Krymka Victor Ilyich th Krymka Valentina Ivanovna. According to the law do not have to work the elderly! And they have been operating for 6 years. All the best to you. Please pass on my performance. Please. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Man: "Good day. Vladimir Putin yearly address to the Federal Assembly, said that the subsequent message will do another president. And our Alexander G. is already preparing his own son as his successor. Naturally, Alexander G. humanly possible to realize he knows that flawed because he is preparing himself for a reliable sub-menus to later could sleep quietly. Not enough that Alexander G. himself illegitimate, it has appropriated for itself the right to dispose of the power of the principle of "who I want, so give." No, Alexander G., you is not personal shop, which can be in its sole discretion to transfer offspring, brother or matchmaker. It is something more severe. With this not to be trifled. Were already such jokers. "
Liquidator: "On the campaign, which was accomplished on April 26, which failed miserably authorities and the opposition. Their seems to be that of chaos and lawlessness in the town of Minsk and Belarus satisfied. Other words, banish people as prisoners under escort. Number of these guards is superior in many times the number of those who protest. lawlessness from December 95 of the year, every year only grow, breaking the laws, regulations and other regulations, even with the Soviet Union. And there was a fault of the USSR Chernobyl tragedy and its terrible Straseni consequences, especially for the liquidators of Chernobyl, which made unemployable disabled. certificate But even this is not a disability are werewolves. Respectfully. "
Man: "I want to express my worldview regarding freedom of speech, press, and so on. I shamefully for this teacher from Mogilev, who was unable to work a day or even a teacher who decides who and what to listen to anyone that look. And in general, I believe that censorship should not be like this. Everyone has the right to listen to what he wants to hear and create. The same meetings, etc.. But the teacher who had not forgotten even by teachers who do not realize it. "
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I wish to thank the Estonian people have removed the monument of Russian fighters. This they did very well himself. And we are pleased that they have done so, so Russian fighter configured and ordered that Estonians killed dekulakize, were taken to Siberia. This memory was for their disease. Give them all the best Estonian favorite. They are well made, it is appropriate, and we are happy for them. Belarusian people happy. Thank you for your attention. "
Victor Butto, Minsk: "Just that listeners in the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty has strongly enough. And it is natural. Convinced of this when listening to journalists and students who passed in the ether, representing information only incidental or secondary. And silent about the main . They are convinced that the culprit has only around President Lukashenko and his representatives, and the opposition looks almost holy, but she has made many of these iniquities to the president. silent about it. This is a taboo subject. adekvatnomyslyaschih me and other people is unrealistic fool through heresy and demagoguery, which applies to municipal media or through the so-called-independent, true, the media, with its own prevailing censorship. Thank you. "
Constant listener: "I’m not the first time I’ve heard from the lips of Lukashenko on the food security of the country. So these are the trillions of rubles that we contribute to the development of agriculture, these funds could be purchased without any effort of goods in one and a half times more those products that makes our public sector than in a very weak and poor quality.’s for you and financial security. fictitious, tied, just like that. government transfers funds that took us from taxes, companies, organizations, etc. agriculture for the purchase of fuel, seed, wages collective farmers. paid them withdid everything free, later they again are selling products, for which we pay anew. And this means spisvayutstsa. That’s the whole financial policy in the field of food security. Primitive, as this world. Not the least mess and wonders happen in Russia. Pahapavali Yeltsin. Well, people and people. But it was zapivoha drunkard, flunked Russia. Terribly that he did here. And almost a national catastrophe made about his death. He died from alcoholism. That’s understandable. Same Rostropovich about. "
"Belarusians, unfortunately, die like flies. Killed on the roads and generally die. Why? According to Lukashenko, the reason is that they drink, smoke and do not lead a healthy lifestyle. Yes, of course, it also does not contribute to better health. But first, not this one. Oh my God, he is usually spits against the wind, it all falls down. Everything is depending on public policy in this matter. least a couple of examples. Preventive care, medicine … What medicine? Split into two camps. Someone comes in free, and there on him spit want, unwilling to assist. paid And he will not go, because there are a great means to pay. Behold, square look. This is important. And Prevention , accounting, etc. — of course, this does not exclude the need. Come to the second hospital, look what’s going on there. Look at that town is. Not enough doctors. All ran to the toll. Here’s what you need to unleash the opposition. Moreover, in the 6th hospital ad hanging, Look not so, the word that thou shalt say, and immediately you so much for small wages will fine. Ah well. This is in the hospital! Think only! "
"For all applets Belarusian go transmission that our president pointed the way for the future. Okay, let it showed the way for the future. And what are the merits of the previous messages in the future, we have? Like what? In one interview, he stated that pensioners "raised" pension at 5-10 thousand. "At this point, you can put some money to go to a spa …" Then I thought that the novelty hit in a mad house. not even believe it. And after some time it is repeated. So where do we go? What we have gained over the period of that message for this? At least one, tiny, even called. Neither in one direction, we have gained nothing. contrary, every funny day compounded. walk down the street , shameful. going well people long decently dressed in clothes those times and collecting bottles. When the bottle is worth somewhere, certainly take. People on the bread is not enough, especially pensioners, particularly older. "
Moiseenko Gennady: "Hi! What makessmiling in Estonia? And there is here if perfectly enter into the matter, a typical indicator of humanity where conceivable only three responses. First: if you support the actions of Estonians, you’re a real European and Christian, in just a real person who cares and present in a human and Christian respect for the victims, and true cleansing savkovastsi which is more scary, if not more than Hitler’s fascism. Second: if you support the "Night Watch" and Russia, for you as a person or the place in the nuthouse, or reservations, where prayers are idols, wandered through the cemetery, playing foot
ball skulls, and where the back seat of the President as always shines sun. And third, if you say that this matter diplomatically Estonia Estonia and management is not quite adequate, then reduced in this case you "scoop" and a liar who wants to look European. Hence it would be interesting, if the management of the opposition of democracy as they call themselves, would respond directly to these questions, and indeed we will see who is who in Belarus. And there are no mysteries. Estonian business — good indicator for this. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Man: "Good evening," Freedom. "Maybe you have the opportunity to stop this your presumptuous Glod. Here comes the role of transmission professors Chernobyl topic. And he, like a woodpecker hollows that it has been 30 years since Chernobyl. I thought, the first time he has mentioned, but no one not even straightens out these professors gathered open a discussion with him. know what it is, for sure, in the record. But at least do not let this nonsense in future releases. Thank you. you like sloppy work, and work on the current day. "
Man: "I’m afraid that the Office of Estonia, the Estonian authorities have done a good gift for our management. Now you can always say, look, as it should. As for the monument, I talk about it I do not presume, well, no. Total decent."
Lady: "I was held on Thursday, April 26 at Bangalore Square and saw this picture. Walked peaceful people relaxed dignity. There was a youth with beautiful, spotless persons. Were people of a more mature age, kids, grandmothers. It was a peaceful march "Chernobyl Way". Neither 1st intoxicated nor 1st with a cigarette I do not beheld. And people began to appear in black, police cars, vans terrible. All of this was directed against civilians. Started forcing hide flags. One boy, when commando ordered to remove the flag, which he carried with dignity, folded it, and then stepped aside and kissed the flag. Heart torn from it. As well, that there are young people here in Belarus. Long live Belarus! "
Scraping Nikolai Petrovich: "Pochetaemye friends after the death of my wife for a bribe executive committee of Leninsky district of Mogilev without my knowledge formalized custody of my daughter to her aunt, even though I was against it. Addressed in district and regional courts, the municipal officials, but without changes. Generally, try to blame than me or how to obgadit me in the sight of his daughter and neighbors cover bribes, expose me Tipo offender. soon begin to believe that I too Hatyn village destroyed. Good people help, please contact by the European Court of Human Rights. Or even tell me how to perform it. Thank you. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. As it did for the prince who is to serve in the army as ordinary" martinet "? Humanity has reached senility in his own zakonapasluhmyanastsi. I will endure" hazing, "abuse, torture and humiliating orders equal to all. This is the power of evil. to suffer injustice, like everyone else. At least it was better to have someone released, if I had the opportunity. Others beheld would also uniformly disposed of. Legitimate obviously poses no need to break the law or through bribery or through communication. And Satan says the Sovereign Lord Jehovah: "Look, my best dominion. And my people to be "good." "Chesnyya" generally evil, because "dishonest" bribe can not conclusively be compared with "good" hazing. And what Tsarevich special protection? When uchastvuesh in evil, like everything, and die like everyone else. And he is the prince. Why God gave power to your forefathers? Bes can be proud of yourself. On a related subject, "The sons of this century smarter children of light. If all put on an equal footing, the evil people overcome. And this equality is very superficial. And the essence — the violence and power of Satan. For overall development. Try to realize the general meaning of my speech, not pulling words out of context. "

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