In Avignon discuss the Belarusian issue

His country currently holds the EU presidency.
During this meeting, the leaders of European foreign ministries expect to find common ground on the Russian-Georgian conflict, discuss a number of other issues concerning cooperation with Eastern neighboring countries of the EU, in including and Belarus.
According to the online edition of the Brussels EUOBSERVER citing EU diplomats, this last ally Russia wants to do better business with the West in order to strengthen their independence after, Our homeland as found in the Georgian company expansionist tendencies. "
Surmise that in connection with the release of political prisoners and a plan to hold free democratic parliamentary elections The EU should ease its sanctions against Minsk.
"But even the closest partners of Belarus in the EU — Lithuania and Latvia — while refer to Minsk with caution. "There’s still a need very many do to build a democratic society, "- said one Lithuanian diplomat." will not soon recover, "- writes EUOBSERVER.
Meeting in Avignon not has itsth end, to take some documents. It takes place in an open discussion format.

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