In Belarus celebrates anniversary of Chancellor Leo Sapieha

Dr. Anatoly Gritskevich prepares latest book about Leo Sapieha. The creator says that ON Statute, namely, for the first time proclaimed the idea veratsyarpimastsi, forbade the transfer of free-1 person for debt or crime in captivity.
"This body of law was practically the first in Eastern Europe, was a reflection of the fact that legal science in Europe did. Statute acted on areas of Belarus, Lithuania and right-bank Ukraine directly to XIX ctagoddya. In Belarus was tsarist canceled, namely Nicholas I, in 1848. So it was designed. "
According to Anatoly Gritskevich, even now Sorbonne Institute for law students during the semester studyyuyuts document, who edited Lev Sapieha.
And what is the memory of the creator of the old Belarusian law in his homeland — in the village Ostrovno that in today Beshenkovichi area? Talk to the local school superintendent Joseph Antonov.
"The monument stands. Little stone itself. Reversing two years established. Boards memorial was not there."
Interested in the director, or by mail worthy memory of Leo Sapieha in agro, which announced Ostrovno?
"Oh, what a agrogorodok? They agrotown up as I go to Berlin on foot. Cases should fit and not as they say."
Now public organizations Lida, Grodno, Slonim participate in the opening of the museum and book exhibitions. Knight Tournament before preparing patriotic youth Ruzhany. In Nyasvizh one of the new streets will be named majestic hetman. Initiators of this — a public fund Lew Sapieha, the Belarusian Society of the school, white SocietyRussian language. And why are the authorities actually ignores the anniversary of Lev Sapieha? Ponders the question writer Vladimir Orlov:
"Sapieha similar to today’s Belarusian authorities remain endlessly strangers. After all, what is working intensively on the Belarusian national idea, the regime is wary.
Once Alexander Lukashenko Sapieha mentioned in one of his own speeches that inspired Victor Shalkevich on his famous song about a friend Sapieha … "

Lev Sapieha (4.4.1557-7.7.1633). Belarusian municipal worker ON. With an older, chareyskay band Sapieha magnate family, son of Ivan Sapieha headman Drogichin padstarosty and Orsha, and Bogdan-Drutsk Sakolinskay. Scribe majestic ON in 1581-85, in 1585-89 podkantsler chancellor in 1589-1623, the governor of Vilna from 1623 and once in 1625 Hetman of big. Knew foreign languages. In 1584 at age 27 in Moscow signed an agreement on a truce» and brand new. Headed soymovoe commission to prepare the Charter majestically Duchy of Lithuania in 1588, edited the text and financed its publication in Vilnius Publishing Mamonichey. March 1589 became Chancellor manage foreign and domestic policy ON.

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