In Belarus there are new Righteous among the Nations

Israeli Memorial Institute for Holocaust and Heroism euro Jewry "Yad Vashem" once a year given the title Righteous Gentile people of different nationalities. Honor with those who risked their lives to save Jews from the Nazi genocide.
"Who will rescue one life, he will rescue the world" — is written on the coin. Notable diplomas and medals handed Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel to salting Republic of Belarus Zeev Ben-Arie.
"This is perhaps the most important and most notable ceremony th most noble duty that falls to an Israeli diplomat. Vganarovvaem We righteous in Belarus is not the first time.
But as you open this diploma, in which there is still the history of salvation, when you read it, whenever you realize that question of something sacred, which can not be expressed in words. "
In This year diplomas and medals awarded to descendants of the righteous, because time is relentless — virtually allm honorable title of Righteous paid posthumously.
At the ceremony itself was present only 80-year-old Stanislav Solyanik. Her family in the war four rescued boy Toll Zhylinski. The boy was in the Minsk ghetto with his family, but he was lucky to come out.
Stanislav knows Solyanik:
"I found a doctor in the ghetto, I was seriously ill sister. They met with Bertha Moiseevna — Aunt Tolly … Anatoly Later graduated from a military school. Yet when to leave, came to me sobbing, and we parted. Later I have not beheld, thought that he was in Israel. turned out that he was here. "
Israeli employee information and cultural center of Marina Shedikava once met with his sister Stanislava Solyanik Taisia.
"When I talked to Taisia Solyanik I asked only one question:" How do you not afraid to wear a patch and is included in the Minsk ghetto, and carry food for the family Brook? Taisa the war was 14 years old. And she replied: "But someone is was necessary their rescue, "- noted Shedikava Marina.
Tsilya Rubinchik, who attended the ceremony ganaravannya Righteous among the Nations, helped Alexander violin and Maria Dybal.
In October 1941, during the mass executions of Jews in the village Svislach Tsyli entire family perished. The girl miraculously got out of the pit. And from December 1941 until the end of the war the family hid Tsilya violin.
Celia knows Rubinchik:
"They accepted me as their own, and grandfather, and Manya, and Sasha. This was my family. I am very grateful. This was true generous people, not afraid of nothing. Came to us different people — and partisans, and policemen, and the Germans, but they hid me, will not let go. And to This time this is my family. "
Currently has 515 Belarusians uganaravali diplomas and medals Righteous world. But survived only about fifty people.

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