In Belarus, where the composer lived and his music in the past 40 years, it is difficult, almost impossible to find his notes (1997)

"With a central structure for the protection of the municipal museum in Moscow Fund of days received significant collection of artifacts are presently described and presented in the order. Obtained 29 paintings … On April 10, the Museum opens exhibition Slutsk woven belts — silk and brocade. The exhibition will illyustravatstsa zarysovkami, photos and portraits. In addition catalog will be released with a short historical sketch of Slutsk belts. "
"Lim", 1947:
"In the Gomel Regional History Museum holds manuscript A.Griboedova famous comedy" Woe from reason. "Manuscript of the work written on 87 sheets of rice paper on the manuscript made by the hand of the writer inserts separate the Russian and French. During the German occupation of the manuscript together with other exhibits of the museum was moved to Stalingrad, and then to the city Urupinsk. Currently, he, together with other valuable museum again turned to Gomel. "
"Culture" 1997. Musicologist Olga Dadiomova says about the absurdity of life:
"No music Moniuszko. Just imagine for themselves: in Belarus, where the composer lived and created their music in 40 years, it is difficult, almost impossible to find his notes. The department" Rare book "State Library has only one score — it is very not enough. But perfectly clear that in the archives of Warsaw and Moscow have the needed materials. The question arises: why not get to these files and make copies of relevant documents? "

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